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The Ferno ICS AC with Floor Cup Kit (#056-7085) provides a reliable connection between a Ferno device to an AC power source, such as inverter, shore-line power, etc. It's recommended that this be installed by a professional with electrical experience.

This kit is compatible with the following AC Charging ICS cots:

  • POWERFlexx.
  • iN∫X.
  • POWER X1.

The charger is specifically designed for installation within the electrical cabinet, and employs the 175 Antler-Rail Fastening System for secure attachment.

Photo-Diagram Chart

Letter Kit Component Part Number
A 12 AWG, 15' (4.5 m) Supply Cable #160-1208
B 3/8" x 14' (3.66 m) Conduit #444-0158
C 1/2" Cushioned Cable Clamp #218-2816
D 10-16 x 5/8" Cable Clamp Screw #355-2955
E Split Grommet #244-6718
F Cable Tie #240-9969
G Ferno AC Battery Charger #203-0002
H DC Output Cable #160-1212
I #10x3/4 Cup Screw #335-1500
J Ambulance Electrical Cabinet -
K Ferno 175 Fastening System with ICS -


Ferno ICS AC with Floor Cup Kit Literature

Ferno ICS Integrated Charging System Guide

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