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The Edan SonoTrax Pro Fetal Doppler Baby Heart Monitor includes a waterproof interchangeable probe of your choice (recommended standard: 3 MHz), Normal Carry Case (#01.56.104581-01), user manual, and quality certificate (batteries not included).

Warranty: 2 Years (Doppler) / 1 Year (Accessories) - Free from Defects in Materials and Workmanship.

The SonoTrax Pro model has backlight, audio playback, and audio output, which can be connected with earphone or recorder. You can operate the unit with multiple probes for vascular diagnosis.

Intended for use by health care professionals in hospital, clinic, and private office settings.

The 2 and/or 3 MHz waterproof probes are indicated for the detection of fetal heart rate from early gestation through delivery and as a general indication of fetal well being. They can also be used to verify fetal heart viability following patient trauma.

The 4 and/or 8 MHz waterproof vascular probes are indicated for the detection of blood flow in veins and arteries for assisting in the detection of peripheral vascular disease.

Edan SonoTrax Pro Fetal Doppler Baby Heart Monitor Features

  • Blue backlight, battery indication (battery status, low battery, etc.), probe frequency detection.
  • Probe auto-detection display.
  • Audio recording and playback.
  • Three working modes (real-time, average, manual).
  • Ergonomic design, compact, and light.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Accurate FHR detection with clear sound.
  • High sensitivity interchangeable probes.
  • Supports 2 MHz, 3 MHz, 4 MHz, and 8 MHz waterproof probes.
  • Automatic and manual FHR counting.
  • Long time continuous use (about eight hours).

Edan SonoTrax Pro Fetal Doppler Baby Heart Monitor Specifications

  • Display: 45 mm x 25 mm backlight LCD display.
  • Power: Requires two AA batteries.
  • Heart Rate Range: 50 - 210 bpm.
  • Resolution: 1 bpm.
  • Recording Time: 240 s.
  • Audio Output Power: 0.5 w.
  • Auto Power-Off: 1 minute with no signal or operation.
  • Size: 32 mm (depth) x 85 mm (width) x 138 mm (height).
  • Weight: 0.66 lb (300 g) including the battery.

Edan SonoTrax Pro Fetal Doppler Baby Heart Monitor Probes

  • #STP.02: 2 MHz.
  • #STP.03: 3 MHz.
  • #STP.04: 4 MHz.
  • #STP.05: 5 MHz.
  • #STP.08: 8 MHz.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

We were very pleased with the product we ordered, and its timely fashion of delivery. Thank you!

New doppler

I needed a second doppler for my practice, one that was waterproof. I've recently started to use it for home visits and am very happy with its features. Easy to use, the readout is helpful and I love that it is waterproof!

I enjoyed the ease of ordering and the prompt response to my questions from MRI Medical.

I look forward to working with them again for any future practice needs.

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