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The Edan Infrared Ear Temperature Probe Cover (200 per box) is designed for use with the Edan iM3 Vital Sign Monitor.

Warranty: Until Use/Expiration.

Note: Only use the disposable probe covers supplied or recommended by Edan. Use of other manufacturer's probe covers, reuse of disposable probe covers or absence of probe covers may produce temperature measurement errors and or inaccuracies.

Edan Infrared Ear Temperature Probe Cover Features

  • Direct probe cover to skin contact is required.
  • Easy to use - simply align the center of the probe to the center of the probe cover. Make sure to place the adhesive side of the probe cover upward.
  • Do not use the thermometer without first installing a new probe cover.
  • Do not reuse the disposable probe covers.
  • Replace the probe cover after each use to ensure an accurate reading and avoid cross contamination.
  • Probe covers are non-sterile. Do not use on abraded tissue.
  • Proper installation of the probe cover ensures accurate measurements.
  • Keep the probe covers away from children.
  • To help remind the user to apply or remove a probe cover, a probe icon with flashing probe cover will be displayed when the probe is withdrawn from the probe well and following a completed temperature measurement.
  • Disposal of used probe covers must be performed in accordance with current medical practices or logical regulations regarding disposal of infectious, biological medical waste.

Edan Infrared Ear Temperature Probe Cover Configuration

  • Compatible with the M3 and M3A Vital Signs Monitors (#11.57.208058).
  • Compatible with the Edan iM3 Vital Sign Monitor (#01.57.208058).

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