Edan iM50 Patient Monitor


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Warranty: 3 Years

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The Edan iM50 Patient Monitor comes standard with:

  • 30 Adult Disposable Adhesive Snap Electrodes (#11.57.471056).
  • NIBP Tube (3 m) with connector (#01.57.471005).
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery [(14.8 V, 4200 mAh) (#01.21.064143)].
  • Power Cord [(USA standard) (#01.13.036106)].
  • Ground Cable (#11.13.114214).
  • User Manual.

Warranty: 3 Years Free from Defects in Materials and Workmanship.

Other iM50 standard accessories can be customized by size/configuration to match your needs, and these include the Skin Temperature Probe (#01.15.040187), Adult SpO2 Sensor (Lemo) (#02.01.210119-11), Adult Reusable NIBP Cuff (#01.57.040205-13), and 3-lead ECG snap Cable (#01.57.471095-10). These options can be found below; please call MFI to personalize your iM50 standard accessories.

The new generation of Edan iM50/M50 Patient Monitors provide a perfect transportation solution. The multi-functional all-in-one parameter module, and new application platform, greatly enhance the efficiency of full clinical parameter monitoring for patient transfer. The monitor includes an open port to add CO2 modules at any time.

The iM50 monitors parameters such as ECG, respiration, functional arterial oxygen saturation, invasive or noninvasive blood pressure, temperature, expired CO2, and quick temperature.

Edan iM50 Patient Monitor Features:

  • 5-Lead ECG, RESP, NIBP, Edan SpO2, 2-TEMP, PR.
  • Arrhythmia and S-T segment analysis (not intended for neonatal patients).
  • OxyCRG.
  • Large font display.
  • 120 seconds full-disclosure waveforms review.
  • 120 hour graphic and tabular trends of all parameters.
  • Bi-directional communications with central monitoring system.
  • Customized alarm setting.
  • 8.4" color TFT display with maximum 11 waveforms.
  • Pacemaker detection, electrosurgical interference proof.
  • Defibrillation protection and defibrillation synchronization.
  • Full touchscreen (optional) enables intuitive operation by clicking on the specific parameters or the waveform in real time, standard configuration includes the navigation knob.
  • OxyCRG available to judge the respiration and circulation function for neonates.
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • Nurse call function and bi-directional communication with MFM-CMS central station.
  • SD card slot enables memory extension for large data storage.
  • USB and serial ports enables abundant future upgrades.
  • VGA output and analog output.
  • Complete and flexible mounting solution for different scenarios.

Edan iM50 Patient Monitor Options:

  • Temperature Probe:
    • 01.15.040186: Rectal/Oral Temperature Probe.
    • 01.15.040187: Skin Temperature Probe (Recommended).
  • Reusable SpO2 Sensor:
    • 12.01.110492-11: Neonate (< 3 kg / < 6.6 lbs) Wrap Reusable SpO2 Sensor (DB9 / 1 m). Compatible with Edan M series patient monitors with use of extension cable.
    • 02.01.210121-11: Pediatric (10 - 50 kg / 22 - 110 lbs) Reusable Silicone Soft-tip SpO2 Sensor (DB9 / 1 m). Compatible with Edan M series patient monitors with use of extension cable.
    • 02.01.210119-11: Adult (> 30 kg / > 66 lbs) Reusable SpO2 Sensor (Lemo / 2.5 m). Compatible with Edan M series patient monitors (Recommended).
    • 02.01.210120-11: Adult (> 30 kg / > 66 lbs) Reusable SpO2 Sensor (DB9 / 1 m). Compatible with Edan M series patient monitors with use of extension cable.
    • 02.01.210122-11: Adult (> 30 kg / > 66 lbs) Reusable Silicone Soft-tip SpO2 Sensor (DB9 / 1 m). Compatible with Edan M series patient monitors with use of extension cable.
  • NIBP Cuff:
    • 01.57.040212: Infant (10 - 19 cm) Reusable NIBP Cuff, CM 1301.
    • 01.57.040211: Child (18 - 26 cm) Reusable NIBP Cuff, CM 1302.
    • 01.57.040205-13: Adult (25 - 35 cm) Reusable NIBP Cuff, CM 1303 (Recommended).
    • 01.57.040210-12: Large Adult (33 - 47 cm) Reusable NIBP Cuff, CM 1304.
  • ECG Cable:
    • 01.57.471087-10: 3-Lead ECG Integrative Cable with Leadwires, Grabber (AHA) Defibrillation.
    • 01.57.471095-10: 3-Lead ECG Integrative Cable with Leadwires, Snap (AHA) Defibrillation (Recommended).
    • 01.57.471096-10: 5-Lead ECG Integrative Cable with Leadwires, Snap (AHA) Defibrillation.
    • 01.57.471097-10: 5-Lead ECG Integrative Cable with Leadwires, Grabber (AHA) Defibrillation.

Edan iM50 Patient Monitor Accessories:

The iM50 Patient Monitor is commonly purchased with:

  • End Tidal CO2 Option: (can be selected in "Configuration" menu above)
    • Respironics LoFlo Sidestream ETCO2 Module:
      • Disposable Adult CO2 Nasal Cannula (#3468ADU-00).
      • Adult/Pediatric Airway Adapter Set with Dehumidification tubing (#3473ADU-00).
      • Disposable Sampling Line Kit with Dehumidification Tubing (#3475-00).
    • Respironics CAPNOSTAT5 Mainstream ETCO2 Module:
      • Disposable Adult Airway Adapter (#6063-00).
      • Disposable Neonatal (infant/pediatric) Airway Adapter (#6312-00).
  • 12.03.33864-01 & 02.04.18960: IBP Module.
  • 02.04.240256: Thermal Printer Upgrading Kit.
  • 01.57.78035: Thermal Printing Paper for M3, iM50, and M80 Patient Monitors.
  • 01.16.78122: Touch Screen Upgrade.
  • 02.04.240050: Data Management Kit.
  • MT-207: Rolling Stand with mounting plate and basket.

Edan iM50 Patient Monitor Literature:

Edan iM50 Patient Monitor Brochure

Edan iM50/iM80 Patient Monitor User Manual

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