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The Edan iM3 Vital Sign Monitor includes a 1 m Reusable Adult SpO2 Finger Sensor, Potential Equalization Conductor, EUR standard Power Cord, NIBP Tube, Reusable Adult NIBP Cuff (27 cm - 35 cm), 2 m SpO2 7-Pin Extension Cable, and Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery.

Warranty: 2 Years - Free from Defects in Materials and Workmanship.

Note: For Nellcor SpO2, Suntech NIBP, or Nellcor SpO2 and Suntech NIBP options, contact us directly for more information.

Note II: Data saved on the USB is encrypted. Users cannot simply see the vitals on a computer without the proper software. CMS/CMS-Lite software is required for viewing live to capture that data as a PDF. Alternatively an installed printer can be used to view results. Printers MUST be added to a monitor order at the time of purchase. Otherwise a $195 labor fee plus the cost of the printer will be added. Please select the with printer option at checkout or contact MFI directly before purchasing to make sure your order includes a printer.

Extremely easy to carry and use, the iM3 Vital Sign Monitor features a streamlined, ultra-slim design where the thinnest part is less than 70 mm. In fact, the monitor only weighs 2.5 kg including the battery. The large capacitive touchscreen is paired together with a rich set of leading functions and options such as SpO2, NIBP and Quick Temp/Infrared Ear Temp, and differentiated work modes making this top-of-the-line monitor perfect for both long time monitoring and spot check applications.

The unique cable-receiving design allows for all the cables and sensors to go to the gap next to the handle and in addition a unique strip-design alarm light is fixed on the top of the iM3 providing a 360° visual alarm experience. Plus, the built-in barcode scanner and external solution make for quick and easy patient information input and flexible connectivity with HIS/EMR/ADT since LAN/Wi-Fi/E-Link are optional.


Edan iM3 Vital Sign Monitor Features

  • Light weight, ultra-slim, and ergonomical design.
  • 8" color TFT-LCD full touchscreen.
  • Echo-friendly, no-fan design.
  • 360° visual alarm light.
  • Cable-receiving carry handle.
  • Adaptive work modes to serve different clinical applications.
  • Auto stand-by mode which extends work time.
  • Power-off data storage.
  • Flash disk supported.
  • Bi-directional communication with MFM-CMS.
  • Seamlessly interact with HIS/EMR/ADT.
  • Three Work Modes: Monitoring mode, Spot mode, and all new Rounds mode.
  • New Edan oral quick temp.
  • Built-in barcode scanner (optional) supports QR code.
  • LAN/Wi-Fi/E-link (optional) connectivity with HL7.
  • Nellcor SpO2 option.
  • Suntech BP option.


Edan iM3 Vital Sign Monitor Configurations

  • #iM3_NS: Standard with NIBP and SpO2.
  • #iM3_NST: With Infrared Ear Temp.
  • #iM3_NST.O: With Edan Quick Oral Temp.
  • #iM3_NST.C: With Covidien Quick Oral Temp.
  • #iM3_NS.Sun: With NIBP and Nellcor SpO2.
  • #iM3_NST.Sun: With NIBP, Nellcor SpO2, and Infrared Ear Temp.
  • #iM3_NST.O.Sun: With NIBP, Nellcor SpO2, and Edan Quick Oral Temp.
  • #iM3_NST.C.Sun: With NIBP, Nellcor SpO2, and Covidien Quick Oral Temp.


Edan iM3 Vital Sign Monitor Accessories

The following accessories are compatible and commonly purchased with the iM3 Vital Sign Monitor:

  • iM3 Infrared Ear Thermometer (#01.57.208057).
  • iM3 Infared Ear Temperature Probe Cover Dispenser (#01.57.208059).
  • iM3 Ear Temperature Probe Cover (200 per Box / #01.57.208058).
  • iM3 Quick Oral Temp Probe Cover (200 per Box / #01.57.471871).
  • FILAC 3000 Oral/Axillary Probe - 4 inch (#01.57.471312).
  • FILAC 3000 Oral/Axillary Probe Racket (#01.22.066159).
  • FILAC 3000 Rectal Probe Racket (#01.22.066160).
  • FILAC 3000 Rectal Probe - 4 inch (#01.57.471314).
  • SpO2 7-Pin Extension Cable - 2 m (#01.57.471068).


Edan iM3 Vital Sign Monitor Literature

Edan iM3 Vital Signs Monitor Brochure

Customer Reviews

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Courtney N. (Tennessee, United States)
Great Update

Purchased two of these vital sign monitors for our facilities and so far, they have been great. Efficient and easily manageable.