Edan F6 Express Fetal Monitor

by Edan
Retail Price: $ 6,750.00
$ 4,900.00

Condition: Factory New

Warranty: 3 Years

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The Edan F6 Express Fetal Monitor comes standard with:

  • Two FHR Probes (#12.01.109301-01).
  • TOCO Probe (#12.01.31527-01).
  • Event Marker (#02.01.210095).
  • Three Belts (#01.57.02264).
  • Ultrasound Gel [(CE Mark, 250 g) (#11.57.78008-11)].
  • Fixed ECG Cable with 3 Lead Wires (#01.57.471007).
  • Adult Disposable Adhesive Electrodes [(Snap Connector) (#11.57.040159)].
  • Adult Reusable SpO2 Sensor (#12.01.109069).
  • Adult NIBP Cuff (#11.57.40029).
  • NIBP Tube and Connector (#01.59.036104).
  • Temperature Skin Probe (#01.15.040187).
  • (3x) Recording Paper (#F6/F9-P).
  • Two T1.6AL Fuses (#01.21.64066).
  • Power Cord [(US standard) (#01.13.036106)].
  • Insight Connection Cable (#01.13.107659-11).
  • Ethernet cable (#11.13.20096).
  • RS232 to USB Adapter and Driver CD [(HL 340) (#11.13.036096)].
  • Ground Cable (#11.13.114214).
  • Screwdriver (#01.24.070019).
  • Quick Reference.
  • User Manual.
  • Insight Software User Manual.
  • Insight Software (CD).

Warranty: Factory 3 Years - Free from Defects in Materials and Workmanship.

The F6 Express Fetal Monitor (#F6Express) is a high end hospital grade monitor designed for multi-bed units with a central station, yet is simple enough for private practice. It offers the most advanced integrated monitoring for the delivery room in big hospital, private obstetrician's office, or antepartum clinic.

The F6 Express is intended for monitoring physiological parameters of pregnant women during antepartum examination, labor, and delivery. It provides non-stressful testing and fetal monitoring for pregnant women from the 28th week of gestation on, along with maternal vital signs monitoring.

Edan F6 Express Fetal Monitor Features:

  • Basic Parameters: Twins FHR, TOCO, Event Mark, Auto Fetal Movement (AFM).
  • Maternal Parameters: ECG, HR/PR, NIBP, SpO2, Temp.
  • 24 hours waveforms playback.
  • High resolution and long life built-in thermal printer.
  • Quick printing for stored waveform.
  • Displays waveforms and digitals simultaneously.
  • Probe rack and wall mounting rack.
  • Handle for easy carry.
  • Multi-crystal pulse wave doppler waterproof transducer for FHR detection.
  • Signals overlap verification.
  • Optional Internal Parameters: IUP/DECG.
  • Optional built-in wireless module.
  • Optional fetal stimulators.

Edan F6 Express Fetal Monitor Specifications:

  • Physical Characteristics:
    • Dimensions: 347 mm x 330 mm x 126 mm.
    • Weight: 13.2 lbs (6 kg) approximate.
  • Display:
    • 10.2" high resolution color folding up TFT-LCD screen.
    • Resolution: 800 x 480.
  • Printing:
    • Recorder: 1, 2, 3 cm/min real printing speed. Fast print speed (stored traces) up to 25 mm/sec.
    • Recording Paper: 150/152 mm, Z-Fold, thermosensitive, american/international standard.
  • Ultrasound:
    • Technique: Ultrasound pulse doppler with correlation.
    • Pulse Repetition Rate: 2 KHz.
    • Ultrasound Frequency: 1 MHz ± 10%.
    • FHR Range: 50 - 240 bpm.
    • Resolution: 1 bpm.
    • Accuracy: ± 2 bpm.
  • DECG:
    • Technique: Peak - peak detection technique.
    • FHR Range: 30 - 240 bpm.
    • Resolution: 1 bpm.
    • Accuracy: ± 1 bpm.
    • Input Impedance: > 10 M (differential).
    • Input Impedance: > 20 M (common mode).
  • TOCO:
    • TOCO Range: 0 - 100 Relative (%).
    • Resolution: 1%.
    • Zero Mode: Auto/Manual.
    • Non-Linear Error: ≤ ± 10%.
  • IUP:
    • Pressure Range: 0 - 100 mmHg.
    • Resolution: 1%.
    • Zero Mode: Auto/Manual.
    • Non-Linear Error: ± 3 mmHg.
  • Auto Fetal Movement (AFM):
    • Technique: Pulsed doppler ultrasound.
    • Range: 0 - 100%.
    • Resolution: 1%.
  • Marking: Manual fetal movement mark.
  • Battery:
    • 14.8 V rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
    • Continuous Working Time: 2 - 4 hours.
  • Communication Port: DB9 network interface, RJ45 interface.

Edan F6 Express Fetal Monitor Accessories:

The F6 Express Fetal Monitor is commonly purchased with:

  • #F6/F9-P: Recording Paper (90 mm x 152 mm x 150 p, US Standard).
  • #MT-803: Luxury Trolley for F Series Fetal Monitors.
  • #MT-207 & Plate_F6F9: Center Pole Trolley (roll stand) with basket and locking casters.
  • #02.01.210061: Pivot arm wall mount for F series.
  • Nellcor Nell-3 OXI-Max SpO2 Module and Adult Sensor (Weak Perfusion Resistance) (must be purchased with monitor).

Edan F6 Express Fetal Monitor Literature:

Edan F6/F6 Express Fetal & Maternal Monitor User Manual

Edan F6 Fetal & Maternal Monitor Brochure

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