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The Dynarex DynaRest Airfloat 100 Air Mattress can safely support up to 350 lb, with the choice between alternating cycles or static.

Note: Bed frame is not included.

Warranty: 1 Year.

The Airfloat 100 treats pressure wounds with a dual method of low air loss and alternating pressure. Users can customize pressure levels for different patients via the adjustable air flow dial and weight indicators. There are 20 eight-inch alternating air cells that provide the pressure distribution, and can be used with the alternating method or in a static mode where they're all inflated at once. Typically, static mode is ideal for reducing injury while repositioning or transporting the patients. There's also an additional pillow method for patient stability.

For safety features, the mattress is equipped with a low pressure indicator light and a CPR valve for quick deflation.

Dynarex DynaRest Airfloat 100 Air Mattress Features

  • Two modes available: alternating cells or static mode.
  • Pressure dial with weight indicator helps adjust pressure cells.
  • Safety feature includes low pressure indicator light.

Dynarex DynaRest Airfloat 100 Air Mattress Configurations

  • #10441: 36" × 80" with Pump.
  • #10448: 36" × 84" with Pump.
  • #10449: 36" × 80" with Pump and 3" Foam Base.

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