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The Dynarex D100 Standard Height Bed is a reliable long-term care bed, constructed from welded steel and equipped with four locking casters and a wall bumper guard.


  • Welds - 15 Years.
  • Electrical and Mechanical - 3 Years.
  • All Other Parts and Components - 1 Year.

This D100 Standard Height Bed has four functions that can be independently moved: head, foot, auto contour, and bed height. The deck to floor range is from 10.5" to 24.5", and the bed can be equipped with headboard and footboard (see Configurations), and types of assist rails. Users can equip the bed with either foam or alternative pressure mattresses comfortably.

This bed has a 450 lb weight capacity, and is ideal for long-term care facilities including nursing homes, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers.

Dynarex D100 Standard Height Bed Specifications

  • Weight Capacity: 450 lb.
  • Under Bed Clearance: 5".
  • Trendelenburg: No.
  • Deck Height: 10.4" - 24.4".
  • Deck Length: 80".
  • Deck Width: 36".
  • Product Size - Actual Height: 24.4".
  • Product Size - Actual Length: 86.5".
  • Product Size - Actual Width: 36".
  • Product Size - Actual Weight: 160.9 lb.
  • Wheels - Caster Size: 4".

Dynarex D100 Standard Height Bed Configurations

NOTE: Boards include both headboard and footboard.

  • #12001: Bed Only (No Boards).
  • #12001-MH: Mahogany Boards.
  • #12001-CH: Amber Cherry Boards.
  • #12001-OA: Light Oak Boards.
  • #12001-MHCR: Mahogany Boards and Composite Rail.
  • #12001-CHCR: Amber Cherry Boards and Composite Rail.
  • #12001-OACR: Light Oak Boards and Composite Rail.
  • #12001-MHMR: Mahogany Boards and Metal Rail.
  • #12001-CHMR: Amber Cherry Boards and Metal Rail
  • #12001-OAMR: Light Oak Boards and Metal Rail.
  • #12001-MHAB: Mahogany Boards and Q-Bar.
  • #12001-CHAB: Amber Cherry Boards and Q-Bar.
  • #12001-OAAB: Light Oak Boards and Q-Bar.
  • #12001-MHPB: Mahogany Boards and Pivot Bar.
  • #12001-CHPB: Amber Cherry Boards and Pivot Bar.
  • #12001-OAPB: Light Oak Boards and Pivot Bar.

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