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Anesthetic Agent: Isoflurane


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The Drager Vapor 2000 Vaporizer is a high performance anesthetic vaporizer that provides the high dosage concentration required to achieve the shortest possible wash-in times during induction.

Warranty: 3 Years - Parts and Labor.

The Drager Vapor 2000 Vaporizer is designed to accommodate 300 ml of liquid anesthetic. Users can easily refill a Vapor and have it back into service quickly without having to worry about where to store the remainder of the anesthetic being used.

​Drager vaporizers were designed to work with practically any Drager anesthesia workstation. They come equipped with compatible connectors for both Drager (DW-2000) and Selectatec (S-2000) as well as the standard 23mm ISO connector. In transport position, the Vapor 2000 can withstand tipping or even being turned upside down without any ill effects.

Drager Vapor 2000 Vaporizer Features

  • Does not require recalibration at any time during period of use.
  • Generous temperature range of 10 degrees C to 40 degrees C ensures precise dosing even in surgical procedures where heating or cooling play an important role.
  • Ultra-flexible design fits into the anesthesia system environment without problem.

Drager Vapor 2000 Vaporizer Specifications

  • Principle: Standard vaporizer.
  • Anesthetic Agent:
    • Sevo / Sevoflurane.
    • Iso / Isoflurane.
  • Dosage Range:
    • Sevo: 0.2 to 8 vol%.
    • Iso: 0.2 to 6 vol%.
  • Filling Volume Total: 360 ml.
  • Filling Volume Refill: 260 ml.
  • Weight (Empty): 13.2 lb (6 kg).
  • Temperature Range: 10 to 40 degree C (50 to 108 degree F).
  • Flow Range: 0.15 to 15 L/min.
  • Transport Capabilities: Transport function.
  • MRI Compatible: Yes.

Drager Vapor 2000 Vaporizer Anesthetic Agent

  • #VAPOR-2000-ISO: Isoflurane.
  • #VAPOR-2000-SEVO: Sevoflurane.

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