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The Drager ECG leadwire sets connect to patient monitor via an ECG trunk cable. These leads are 36 inches long and available with 3, 5, or 6 snap or clip style leads. Please check compatibility before purchasing. Manufactured by Cables and Sensors.

Warranty: 6 Months.

Drager ECG Leads Options

MPN Lead Options Compatibility
LMB3-90S0 3 Leads Snap For use with MultiMed Pod cable for use with Drager Infinity Vista, Vista, XL, Delta, Delta XL, Gamma, Gamma XL, Gamma X XL, Kappa, Kappa XLT, Siemens 6000, 7000, 9000
LMB3-90P0 3 Leads Clip
LM5-90S0 5 Leads Snap
LM5-90P0 5 Leads Clip
LM3-90S0 3 Leads Snap SC5000, SC6000, SC7000, SC8000, SC9000
LM3-90P0 3 Leads Clip
LMD3-90RP0 3 Leads Clip Drager PM8060, Vitara, Parameterbox, Julian
LMD5-90RP0 5 Leads Clip
LG3-90S0 3 Leads Snap For use with Drager, MultiMedPlus, MultiMed Plus OR, Infinity M300 and Infinity M540 patient monitors
LG3-90P0 3 Leads Clip
LG5-90S0 5 Leads Snap
LG5-90P0 5 Leads Clip
LG6-90S0 6 Leads Snap
LG6-90P0 6 Leads Clip

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