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The Datex Ohmeda Direct Connect SpO2 Sensor with 9 foot cable is designed to connect directly to Datex Ohmeda bedside monitors without an extension cable. It comes in a variety of types to fit any patient.

Warranty: 1 Year Free of Manufacturing Defects.

Manufactured by Cables and Sensors. Please check compatibility before purchasing.


Datex Ohmeda Direct Connect SpO2 Sensor Configurations

SKU Sensor Type OEM # Connector Type Compatibility
S410-090 Adult Clip OXY-F4-N, SAF-F4, TS-F4-N 10-Pin Aespire, Aespire 15, AS/3, AS/3 Compact, CS/3, S/5, S/5 Compact, CH/S, CH/2S, CH-RS, CG/2S, Cardiocap I, Cardiocap II, Cardiocap 5, Capnomac Ultima, Light Monitor, M-Estpr, Oscar II, OSP-200, Satellite Trans, Satellite, Satellite Plus II, Trans Plus, System 5, ULTS00, OXY-E4-N, ULTSIO, ULTSVI, ULTSVO
S410S-090 Adult Soft -
S110-090 Pediatric Clip -
S110S-090 Pediatric Soft -
S310-090 Neonate Silicon Wrap OXY-W4-N
S910-090 Adult Ear Clip OXY-E4-N, TS-E4-N
S810-090 Multi-Site -
S410-020 Adult Clip OXY-F4-H, 6051-0000-035 7-Pin 3700, 3710, 3740, 3770, 3775, 3800,4700, 5250 RGM, OxiCap, Biox 3740, Biox 3760, Rascal II, Datex Ohmeda TuffSat 3775, 37xx Series, 3800, 3900, 3900P, 4700 and 5250 respiratory gas monitors, Cardiocap/5 with N-XOSAT option, S/5, AS/3, CS/3 Modular Monitors with M-OSAT module, Modulus CD; GE: 7000 Series, Corometrics 511, TRAM A.R., OXY-W4-H, TRAM Modular x00SL Series, 200SL, 400SL, 600SL, 800A, 800SL; Mennen: Horizon XL800 (Ohmeda SpO2)
S403-020 Adult Clip (3 Foot Cable) OXY-F1-H, 6051-6000-155, TS-F1-H
S410S-020 Adult Soft -
S110-020 Pediatric Clip -
S110S-020 Pediatric Soft -
S310-020 Neonate Silicon Wrap OXY-W4-H, 0380-1000-080, 0380-1000-081
S910-020 Adult Ear Clip OXY-E4-H, 0380-1000-021, 6051-0000-188
S810-020 Multi-Site -

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Nicole (Hawaii, United States)
Spo2 sensor

Your products are great, they got to us in a timely manner and we will definitely order from you again.