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The ConMed Softrace RTL Cloth ECG Electrode conforms well to the patient's skin and provide optimum patient comfort.

ConMed Softrace RTL Cloth ECG Electrode Features

  • Designed to be easily repositioned while maintaining acceptable adhesion.
  • Repositionable electrodes help minimize skin irritation due to the absence of an acrylic adhesive border.
  • Can be effectively used for up to seven days, simply by re-wetting the gel surface, if necessary.
  • Available in three sizes (small, medium, large).
  • Radiolucent and MR safe.
  • Carbon-based radiolucent (RTL) stud provides improved visualization during x-rays.

ConMed Softrace RTL Cloth ECG Electrode Configurations

Product Number Pouch Case
#2320C-003 3 300
#2330C-003 3 300
#2350C-003 3 300
#2350C-005 5 600

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