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The ConMed Pyloric/Colonic Balloon Dilator is a disposable Eliminator PET Balloon Dilator, which are true to size, every time. The balloons' patented PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) material disperses pressure along the full length of the balloon ensuring repeatable, reliable balloon sizing.

Warranty: 2 Year Shelf Life from date of Manufacture.

The dilator combines the radial strength you need to dilate even the tightest strictures with an innovative, cost-effective alternative to conventional balloon dilation. The multi-stage inflation technique is a simple method for obtaining a complete and reliable dilation with a single Eliminator PET Balloon Dilator, eliminating the need for more than one balloon.


ConMed Pyloric/Colonic Balloon Dilator Features

  • Offers a simple solution to dilation even in the tightest of strictures.
  • Balloon tip.
  • Disposable.
  • Accurate sizing at maximum pressure.
  • No waisting.
  • Valued performance.
  • Constructed of patented PET material.
  • Eliminator PET Balloon Dilators are more cost-effective than the competitive serially expanding balloon dilator.


ConMed Pyloric/Colonic Balloon Dilator Diameters

  • #000844: 6 mm.
  • #000845: 8 mm.
  • #000846: 10 mm.
  • #000847: 12 mm.
  • #000848: 15 mm.
  • #000849: 18 mm.
  • #000861: 20 mm.


ConMed Pyloric/Colonic Balloon Dilator Specifications

  • Balloon Length: 4 cm.
  • Catheter Length: 230 cm.


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