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The ConMed BiCap Superconductor Probe is the only bipolar hemostasis probe with three pairs of electrodes and a ceramic tip to provide consistent power distribution and heat dissipation.


ConMed BiCap Superconductor Probe Features

  • Omnidirectional electrode spacing and large electrode area provide thermal heating with reduced tissue sticking and larger area coverage.
  • Silver has 35% higher thermal conductivity and 28% less electrical resistivity than gold, which results in more efficient hemostasis.
  • Available in 0.13 " (3.3 mm) probe tip length for easier passage through a deflected scope.
  • Central irrigation channel to improve visibility.
  • Color-coded shafts allow for the easy identification of size.
  • Provides a constant gap width between electrodes for more even tissue treatment.
  • Majority of probe will still be operational in the event of a break in the electrode.
  • Controlled irrigation system through the probe lumen allows optimum pulsation of fluid for precision site cleaning.


ConMed BiCap Superconductor Probe Configurations

Product Number Tip Length Shaft Length Shaft Size Color
#BP5200A 0.25" (6.5 mm) 79" (200 cm) 5 French Blue
#BP7300A 0.25" (6.5 mm) 118" (300 cm) 7 French Yellow
#BP7350A 0.25" (6.5 mm) 138" (350 cm) 7 French Yellow
#BP7350S 0.13" (3.3 mm) 138" (350 cm) 7 French Yellow
#BP10300A 0.25" (6.5 mm) 118" (300 cm) 10 French Orange


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