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The ConMed Adult Scope Saver Bite Block (#000429 / 50 per Box) is a large bite block that prevents patients from biting down on the ET tube when anesthesia is reversed. It is designed for comfort and protection.

The Bite Block has large, flexible side port openings that allow insertion of suction tubes, and enables finger-assisted scope passage. It also has a rear-guard retaining lip that maximizes bite block retention and scope protection.

ConMed Adult Scope Saver Bite Block Features

  • Disposable.
  • Latex-free.
  • Non-sterile.
  • Accomodates up to a 60 F American Dilator.
  • Protect your staff and patients from latex exposure, and prevent costly scope repairs.
  • Plastic.
  • Vanilla scented and a smooth coated strap.
  • Color: Green.
  • Lumen Size: 20 mm x 27 mm.

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