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The Clinton Instrument Stand is a convenient and extremely durable way to keep any instruments you may need for a procedure close at hand. Available in several unique configurations, it's easy to find the Instrument Stand that meets your needs. Boasts a maximum 15 lb load capacity under normal use.

Warranty: 5 Years - Limited Defects in Materials, Workmanship, or Design.

Note: Clinton stainless steel items are not MRI compatible.


Clinton Instrument Stand Features

  • Removable 19" x 12.75" x 0.75" stainless steel tray.
  • Depending on the model features anywhere from 2-5 casters for mobility.
  • 1" chrome plated pole and either a frame or base depending on the model.
  • Choose from either a tip style base or a base that is easy to position without the need for one.
  • Knob height adjustment.
  • 15 lb load capacity under normal use.


Clinton Instrument Stand Specifications

Clinton Instrument Stand Base Width Base Depth Height Range
M-21 18" 22" 31-50"
M-29 21" 31-50"
M-20 23" 31-50"
MS-23 18" 22" 31-50"
MS-29 23" 33-49"


Clinton Instrument Stand Configurations

  • #M-21: Single Post Mayo Stand with Tray.
  • #M-29: Five-Leg, Black Nylon Base.
  • #M-20: Mobile Aluminum Base with Tray.
  • #MS-23: Single Pole Stainless Steel.
  • #MS-29: X-Base Stainless Steel.


Clinton Instrument Stand Accessories

The Clinton Instrument Stand is commonly purchased with:

  • #M-24: Clinton Stainless Steel Replacement Tray.


Clinton Instrument Stand Literature

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