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The Clinton Hamper is available in a variety of styles with several lid, base, frame, and color options to ensure there is a hamper to match the style of your office, clinic, or workspace. Easy to maneuver and durably constructed to last for years, these heavy-duty hampers provide optimal bag support while helping you save space and rating high in cost/value analysis.

Warranty: 5 Years - Limited Defects in Materials, Workmanship, or Design.

Note: Clinton stainless steel products are not MRI compatible.


Clinton Hamper Features

  • Exceptionally strong bag support bars.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Rate high in cost/value analysis.
  • Heavy duty, bag support, and holder.
  • H-42 adjusts to fit 18", 22" or 25" hamper bags.
  • H-41, H-43, and HS-54 feature a spring-loaded foot operated lid.
  • Each model comes with either three or four rubber wheel ball bearing casters (see pictures to know which model(s) come with three and which come with four).
  • Available with various lid styles, shapes, and colors to match the style of your office, clinic, or workspace.


Clinton Hamper Specifications

Clinton Hamper Width/Diameter Depth Height
H-48 19" 35"
H-42 19.75" 37" 42"
H-40 18.625" 19.5" 37.5"
H-41 (Chrome Lid Color) 19.5" 36.5"
H-43 (White Lid Color) 18" 32"
HS-54 (Stainless Steel Lid Color) 18" 32"


Clinton Hamper Configurations

  • Round 18" with No Lid (#H-48).
  • Folding Adjustable to 18", 22", or 25" (#H-42).
  • Square 18" with Tilt Lid (#H-40).
  • Round 18" with Tilt Lid (#H-41).
  • Triangular 18" with Lid (#H-43).
  • Stainless Steel Triangular 18" (#HS-54).


Clinton Hamper Accessories

The Clinton Hamper is commonly purchased with the:

  • Clinton Hamper Bag.


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