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The Chattanooga Hydrocollator HotPac Set includes the buyers choice of a Standard Set or Neck Set. Each set includes a Hydrocollator Foam-Filled Terry Cover and Hydrocollator Moist Heat HotPac of the listed size.

Warranty: 1 Year - Manufacturer Defects.

The Hydrocollator HotPac Set provides the full package needed for effective moist heat therapy. The HotPac can superficially heat the skin and tissue temperatures within 1/4" from the surface. With an adequate blood supply, the temperatures can increase within 6 to 8 minutes of exposure. Within 20 to 30 minutes, muscle temperatures at depths of 1/2 - 3/4" will reach peak levels.

The Hydrocollator Foam-Filled Terry Cover keeps the HotPac contained and insulated for up to 30 minutes. The foam is made of polyurethane and is contained between two layers of terry cloth. It's equipped with hooks and loop closures to keep the cover secure during treatment.

The set is most often used in chiropractic offices, athletic training, rehabilitation, home care, and physical therapy.


Chattanooga Hydrocollator HotPac Set Features

  • Moist heat therapy.
  • 100% cotton "duck" canvas material that is reusable and washable.
  • Filled with bentonite.
  • Unwrapping and slipping prevented by convenient hook and loop closures.
  • Can be used for high-volume institutional use or at home.
  • Provides up to 30 minutes of soothing moist heat.
  • Cost effective, can be used repeatedly for hundreds of treatments.


Chattanooga Hydrocollator HotPac Set Configurations

MPN Configuration HotPac Dimensions HotPac Weight Terry Cover Dimensions Terry Cover Weight
#1064 Standard Set (1 Standard HotPac + Terry Cover) 10" x 12" (25 cm x 20 cm) 1.1 lb (0.5 kg) 19" x 27" (48 cm x 69 cm) 0.75 lb (0.34 kg)
#1062 Neck Set(1 Neck Contour HotPac + Terry Cover) 24" (61 cm) 0.8 lb (0.36 kg) 25" x 16" (64 cm x 41 cm) 0.45 (0.20 kg)


Chattanooga Hydrocollator HotPac Set Accessories

The Hydrocollator HotPac Set is commonly purchased with:

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  • Chattanooga Hydrocollator M-2 Mobile Heating Units.
  • Chattanooga Hydrocollator SS-2 Mobile Heating Units.
  • Chattanooga Hydrocollator E-1 Stationary Heating Units.
  • Chattanooga Hydrocollator E-2 Stationary Heating Units.
  • #4010: Chattanooga Hydrocollator Side Table Rack.
  • #4230: Chattanooga Hydrocollator Extra Shelf for Side Table.
  • #4228: Chattanooga Hydrocollator Dial Thermometer.
  • #4016: Chattanooga Hydrocollator Wall Mounted Towel Rack.


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