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The Chattanooga CPM Patient Kit is an accompanying kit for physical therapy CPM devices. It is available for the OptiFlex, Artromot, or SP2, knee, shoulder, elbow, or ankle CPM units.

Warranty: 6 Months.

Note: CPM unit NOT included.

The CPM Patient Kits are manufactured to ensure comfort and quality. These are typically made of materials like deep pile sheepskin, durable fleece, and soft foam. These accessories help maintain proper positioning and patient comfort during treatment. These items are most often used in rehabilitation, athletic, and physical therapy clinics.

Chattanooga CPM Patient Kit Configurations

  • #20533: OptiFlex 3, OptiFlex K-1, Fleece.
  • #20660: OptiFlex S.
  • #20710: Artromot K-3, Fleece.
  • #20711: Artromot K-4, Fleece.
  • #20716: SP2 Ankle.
  • #20719: Artromot S2 / S3 ARM.
  • #20723: Elbow.

Chattanooga CPM Patient Kit Accessories

The CPM Patient Kit is commonly purchased with:

  • #2025, #2026, #2028: Chattanooga OptiFlex K-1 Knee CPM.
  • #2029: Chattanooga OptiFlex S Shoulder CPM.
  • #2038: Chattanooga Artromot E2 Elbow CPM.
  • #2027: Chattanooga OptiFlex Ankle CPM.
  • #4520: Chattanooga Trolley CPM Package.
  • #40128: Chattanooga Universal CPM 34" Strap Kit.
  • #20730, #20731: Chattanooga Artromot Instruction CD.
  • #20661: Chattanooga CPM Patient Data Card.

Chattanooga CPM Patient Kit Literature

Chattanooga CPM and Homecare Catalog

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