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The Cadwell Sierra Summit EMG includes the Sierra Summit base, laptop loaded with Cadwell software, Cadwell stimulator, two channel Cadwell amplifier, and interconnecting cables.

Warranty: 90 Days - Parts and Labor.

Cadwell has long been recognized as producing some of the world's finest neurophysiologic amplifiers and the Sierra Summit amplifiers are no exception. Each amplifier features fast artifact recovery and very low noise. Analog-to-digital conversion is done inside the amplifier, eliminating the amplifier cable as a potential noise source. Each amplifier has superb RF immunity and excellent signal quality. Temperature measurement, impedance, on/off switch, and calibration signals are built-in.

Standard EMG protocol includes both Live and Capture data acquisition modes with easily accessible muscle scoring table and audio equalizer controls, allowing you to fine tune the audio signal to your listening preference.

A unique electrode continuity check (Electrode Check) is built into each amplifier, so you can easily confirm if one of your electrode leads is good or bad. Clean, reliable, and fast best describes the Sierra Summit user interface. Use either the custom keypad with its function keys and soft knobs or the mouse.

When placed on the lightweight Point of-Care cart (#197194-200), the Sierra Summit becomes a mobile testing platform. A printer can be placed on the shelf and supplies stored in the bin. Mounting brackets for an amplifier arm are located on either side of the top shelf.


Cadwell Sierra Summit EMG Features

  • Base Unit with dedicated keypad and knob controls.
  • Dual high-power speaker system with software equalizer.
  • EMG Guided Injection Protocol.
  • NCV (motor, sensory, mixed, inching).
  • F Wave / H Reflex.
  • Electrode Continuity Check (built into the amplifier).


Cadwell Sierra Summit EMG Literature

EMG NCV Noise Checklist

Cadwell Sierra Summit Brochure

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