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These Cables and Sensors Philips SpO2 Adapter Cables connect Philips, Nellcor, and Masimo Sensors to Philips Patient Monitors with 8-Pin or 12-Pin connectors.

Warranty: 1 Year.

Cables and Sensors Philips SpO2 Adapter Cable Options

SKU Sensor Connector Monitor Connector Compatibility
E708-430 9-Pin Nellcor non-Oximax 8-Pin Heartstream XL, IntelliVue MP70, M2601A, M3000A, M3500B, M4735A, M1020B, M3000A/M3001A MMS, M3002A MMS X2, M8102A MP2, M8105A MP5
E710P-430 9-Pin Nellcor Oximax 8-Pin
E708-410 8-Pin 8-Pin M2601A, M3000A, M3500 B, M4735A
E708-43M0 9-Pin Nellcor non-Oximax 8-Pin
E708M-43P0 Masimo LNOP 8-Pin Philips IntelliVue FAST-SpO2
E708M-430 Masimo LNCS 8-Pin SureSigns VS3
E708-200 9-Pin Nellcor non-Oximax 12-Pin 78352C, 78354C, 78834C, M1020A, M1025B, M1205A, M1350, M1722A/B, M1732A/B, M2475B, Viridia A1, Viridia A3
E708-400 8-Pin 12-Pin M1020A, M2475B, M1732A/B, M1722A/B, M1020A, 78833C, 78833A, 78834A, 78352C, 78352A

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