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Warranty: 1 Year

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The Cables and Sensors Nellcor Oxi-Smart Short SpO2 Sensor is designed for use with older Oxi-Smart monitors that require sensors without Oximax SpO2 technology (extension cable recommended). It works with Nellcor and other compatible pulse oximeters.

Warranty: 1 Year Free of Manufacturing Defects.

The sensor uses a 9-Pin DB9 connector (primary photo), has a short integrated 3-foot cable, and is available in a variety of sensor types to fit any patient.

Cables and Sensors Nellcor Oxi-Smart Short SpO2 Sensor Compatibility:

  • Artema: Diascope.
  • Bionet: BM3.
  • Bionics: BPM-200.
  • Datascope (Mindray): Accutorr Plus, Expert, Passport, Accutorr V, DPM Central Station, DPM1, DPM2, DPM3, DPM4, DPM5, DPM6, DPM7, VS-800, PM-50, PM-60, PM-60Vet.
  • Draeger: Cicero, Narkomed, Vitalert 1000, Infinity Vista.
  • Edan: H100B.
  • GE Healthcare: Corometrics 118, 120, 129, 188, 150, 556, Critikon 9710, 9720, Plus, Compact, Dinamap Select, MPS, Oxyshuttle, Pro 300/400, Eagle Series, Dash Series, Hellige Eagle, 1000, 3000, Eagle SMK, SMU, SMV, SOLAR Series, TRAM Modular x50SL Series.
  • Huntleigh: SC1000.
  • Infinium Medical: Infitron II.
  • Invivo Research: M12 (Nellcor SpO2), Millennia 4500 Plus 2.
  • Invivo/MDE: Escort 100 OPT11A, Escort 300A, Escort II OPT30, Prism (Nellcor SpO2).
  • Ivy Biomedical: 405A, 405D, 405P, 405T, Vital-Guard 450 CN.
  • Lumeon: Hand-held Oximeter.
  • Medtronic Physio Control: Lifepak 12.
  • Mennen: Horizon XL (Nellcor SpO2), MR 1300 Mercury 1200.
  • Nellcor: N100 (requires preamp cable), N180, N200 (requires preamp cable), N-20, NPB-40, NPB-75, NPB-290, NPB-295, N-390, N-395, N-3000, N-6000.
  • Nihon Kohden: BSM-1102 Life Scope EC, BSM-2304 iPro (Life Scope i), BSM-4102 Procyon LT (Life Scope P), BSM-4104 Procyon (Life Scope P), BSM-4112 Procyon LT (Life Scope P), BSM-4114 Procyon (Life Scope P), BSM-9510 Life Scope M (Nellcor SpO2), OGS-2000, PocketCare (Nellcor SpO2).
  • Pace Tech: Vitalmax 800 Series (cara negra Nellcor SpO2).
  • Philips: 78352C, 78354C, 78834C, M1020A, M1025B, M1205A, M1350B, M1, 722A/B, M1732A/B, M2475B, M2601A, M3000A, M3500B, M4735A, CMS, Merlin Systems, V24, V26, Viridia A1, Viridia A3.
  • Siemens: SC6000, SC7000, SC8000, SC9000XL, Sirecust 630, Sirecust 700, Sirem SpO2 Module.
  • Spacelabs: 90351-0/6, 90465 (Nellcor SpO2), 90466 (Nellcor SpO2), 90467 (Nellcor SpO2), 90489 (Nellcor SpO2), 90496 / 90369 / 90367 Ultraview (Nellcor SpO2), 90651A-08, IM77.
  • SunTech: All models including NIBP 247B.
  • Welch Allyn: Atlas (Nellcor SpO2), Propaq CS (Nellcor SpO2), Propaq 106-EL, Propaq 202-EL, Propaq 204-EL, Propaq 206-EL, Micropaq (Nellcor SpO2), Spot Vital Signs, Vital Signs (non-Oxi-Max).

Cables and Sensors Nellcor Oxi-Smart Short SpO2 Sensor OEM Part Numbers:

  • GE:
    • 2023215-001 (Multi-Site).
  • Philips:
    • M1196T (Adult Clip).
    • M1191T (Adult Soft).
    • M1192T (Pediatric Soft).
    • M1193T (Neonate).
  • Mindray:
    • 512D-30-90200 (Adult Clip).
    • 512E-30-90390 (Adult Soft).
    • 512H-30-79061 (Pediatric Clip).
    • 512G-30-90607 (Pediatric Soft).
    • 518B-30-72107 (Multi-Site).
    • 0010-10-12392 (Adult Ear Clip).
  • Nonin/GE:
    • 420970-001 (Adult Clip).
  • 3044 (Adult Clip).
  • F-3212-9 (Adult Clip).
  • 06-00-1074 (Adult Clip).
  • 512E-30-90390 (Adult Clip).
  • 512F-30-28263 (Adult Clip).
  • DS-100-N0 (Adult Clip).
  • 2023211-001 (Adult Clip).
  • 3178 (Pediatric Clip).
  • 512G-30-90607 (Pediatric Clip).
  • 512H-30-79061 (Pediatric Clip).
  • 3026 (Neonate).
  • 518B-30-7210 (Multi-Site).

Cables and Sensors Nellcor Oxi-Smart Short SpO2 Sensor Options:

  • S403-010: Adult Clip.
  • S403S-010: Adult Soft.
  • S103-010: Pediatric Clip.
  • S103S-010: Pediatric Soft.
  • S303-010: Neonate Soft Wrap.
  • S803-010: Multi-Site.
  • S903-010: Adult Ear Clip.

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