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The Brewer Versa Exam Table with Pediatric Top includes pass-through rear drawer, and upholstered pediatric top.

Warranty: 5 Years.

The Brewer Versa Exam Table with Pediatric Top is a medical examination table designed for enhanced safety and convenience. It features an ergonomic pass-through side drawer at waist height for easy access without the need for bending, offering 3.7 cubic feet of storage. A front drawer positioned at lower leg height avoids uncomfortable positions for caregivers and patients. The table includes a removable pediatric upholstery top for versatile care settings. A large step with an anti-slip surface ensures patient safety, and the design with rounded corners and softened edges improves patient access while protecting everyone involved.


Brewer Versa Exam Table with Pediatric Top Features

  • Ergonomically designed pass-through side drawer positioned at waist height to reduce bending and twisting for caregivers while offering a generous 3.7 cubic feet of storage space.
  • Front drawer strategically positioned at lower leg height to eliminate uncomfortable situations for caregivers and patients.
  • Easy to connect, removable pediatric upholstery top to meet the changing needs of your facility.
  • Large, sturdy step with anti-slip surface enhances patient security, and is easy to clean.
  • Rounded corners and softened edges throughout safeguard patients and caregivers while improving patient access.


Brewer Versa Exam Table with Pediatric Top Specifications

  • Weight Capacity: 500 lb (226 kg).
  • Seat Height: 32.5" (82.55 cm).
  • Length: 58"; extendable to 72" (147.3 cm - 182.9 cm).
  • Pediatric Table Length: 51"; expandable to 65" (129.5 cm - 165.1 cm).
  • Pediatric Table Width: 26" (66 cm).
  • Leg Extension Length: 14" (35.5 cm).
  • Upholstery Width: 27.25" (69.2 cm).
  • Front Storage Drawer: 21.3" x 19.75" x 4.25" (54.1 cm x 50.2 cm x 10.8 cm).
  • Side Storage Drawer: 23.6" x 35.75" x 7.6" (59.9 cm x 90.8 cm x 19.3 cm).
  • Paper Roll Holder: Accommodates up to 21" paper rolls.


Brewer Versa Exam Table with Pediatric Top Colors

  • #1000PX-XXDX-XXX-21: Clamshell.
  • #1000PX-XXDX-XXX-22: Gunmetal.
  • #1000PX-XXDX-XXX-23: Feather.
  • #1000PX-XXDX-XXX-24: Satin.
  • #1000PX-XXDX-XXX-25: Saddle.
  • #1000PX-XXDX-XXX-26: Tapestry Red.
  • #1000PX-XXDX-XXX-27: Cabernet.
  • #1000PX-XXDX-XXX-28: Cocoa.
  • #1000PX-XXDX-XXX-29: Deep Sea.
  • #1000PX-XXDX-XXX-30: Ivy.
  • #1000PX-XXDX-XXX-31: Deep Sapphire.
  • #1000PX-XXDX-XXX-32: Blue Fog.
  • #1000PX-XXDX-XXX-UL: Plush Upholstery.
  • #1000PX-XXDX-XXX-SP: Special Color.


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