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The Bovie System Two LED Surgical Light - Triple Ceiling Mount (#XLDS-S23) combines three powerful System Two light heads onto one ceiling mount, to brightly illuminate any surgical suite for procedures. 

Warranty: 3 Years. 

Note: Please call or specify your facility ceiling height in the Additional Notes section of your Cart during the checkout process.

With a maximum lux of 130,000 per lamphead, the System Two LED Surgical Light - Triple Ceiling Mount is efficient and bright enough to tackle both complicated surgeries and minor prcoedures. Equipped with individual LED instead of halogen bulbs, these lights maintain a high level of brightness while also saving energy and emitting little to no heat output. The LED also have a rated lifespan of an impressive 50,000 hours. The lamps are also equipped with a center handle with a button within reach of a user's thumb. This center handle allows for easy, seamless movement of the lamphead as a whole, while the attached button can cycle through the six dimming levels available (see Dimming - Intensity Levels chart below).

These lights are also unique thanks to the precise light placement. The light is focused to a focal point, allowing users to manuever around the lamp without worrying about blocking the light. This focal point can be manuevered via the center handle or with either of the two handholds on the sides of the lampheads. 

The Bovie System Two LED Surgical Light - Triple Ceiling Mount is designed for use in surgical suites and operating rooms, and the triple ceilign mount provides three times the coverage. LED has been proven to be more energy efficient and long-lasting, making these lights a valuable addition to any clinic or hospital.


Bovie System Two LED Surgical Light - Triple Ceiling Mount Features

  • 130,000 lux output at 39.4″ (1 meter distance).
  • Five-stage light dimming and ENDO Mode with a 50,000-hour rated LED life.
  • Virtually zero heat generation and low energy consumption.
  • Ability to control all functions within the sterile field, including a sterile center control handle.
  • Advanced suspension arm design, excellent shadow control.


Bovie System Two LED Surgical Light - Triple Ceiling Mount Specifications

  • Weight: ~155.5 lbs (70.5 Kg). 
  • Dimensions: 
    • Ceiling Rod: 2.5” (63.5 mm) Dia. x 9.0”-43.0”(228.6 -1092.2 mm) long (depending on ceiling height).
    • Ceiling Casting: 17.0” (431.8 mm) Dia. x 4.7” (119.4 mm) deep.
    • Light Head Assembly: 25.5” (648 mm) Dia. 4.75” (120 mm) deep.
    • Arm (articulated): 4.0” (102 mm) Dia. (tapered) x 26.0” (660 mm) long.
  • Rotations:
    • Ceiling Mount/Extension Arm Interface: Continuous.
    • Articulating/Extension Arm Interface: Continuous.
    • Articulating Arm Vertical Movement: +15 Degrees, -65 Degrees. 
    • Articulating Arm/Yoke interface: Continuous. 
    • Yoke/Lamp Head Interface: +/-165 Degrees (330° range). 
  • Input Voltage: 100 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz – Single Phase. 
  • LED Life: 50,000 hours (average). 
  • Power: 120 Watts.
  • Correlated Color Temperature: 4,200° Kelvin ±300°K. 
  • Irradiance: 128 W/m2 (1 m).
  • Coloring Rendering Index: 95.
  • Focal Length: 39.4" (1 meter).
  • Light Field Diameter (adjustable): 9.5" - 14" (229 mm - 356 mm).

Dimming - Intensity Levels:

Intensity Level 100% 87.5% 75% 62.5% 50% Endo Mode
Lux 130,000 113,750 97,500 81,250 65,000 8,500 

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