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The Bovie AcuDop II 330 Non-Display Doppler is a breakthrough unit in digital sound and fetal heart monitoring, boasting increased sensitivity at shallow depths than other standard dopplers.

Warranty: 5 Years - All Parts and Labor.

This handheld doppler system is sized to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand or in a pocket for easy transport. There are a variety of probes available that are compatible with this unit, and can detect fetal heart rates from a shallow depth of only 2 to 5 cm. MFI Medical also carries the rechargeable version of this doppler model (#AD-330R).

Bovie AcuDop II 330 Non-Display Doppler Features

  • Breakthrough XD probes provide 56% increased sensitivity.
  • Can detect heart rate at shallow depth (2 - 5 cm).
  • Portable and handheld for convenience.
  • Six optional, interchangeable probes to choose from for OB/GYN, animal health, and vascular options.

Bovie AcuDop II 330 Non-Display Doppler Probes

  • Obstetrical Probes:
    • #AD-330-A2: 2 MHz.
    • #AD-330-A2W: 2 MHz (Waterproof).
    • #AD-330-A3: 3 MHz.
    • #AD-330-A3W: 3 MHz (Waterproof).
  • Vascular Probes:
    • #AD-330-A5: 5 MHz.
    • #AD-330-A8: 8 MHz.

Bovie AcuDop II 330 Non-Display Doppler Literature

Bovie AcuDop II Doppler System

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