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The Bemis 2000cc Hi-Flow Suction Canister Kit (#495410 / 48 per Case) features an Aerostat bacterial filter, a mechanical shutoff valve that protects against contamination and overflow, and also includes both an 18" (46 cm) and a 6' (2 m) connecting tube that can be connected to the two elbows.

Warranty: 1 Year.

The Bemis 2000cc Hi-Flow Suction Canister Kit offers a significantly high flow rate for exceptional suctioning during procedures. Bemis canisters can be used in virtually all areas of a facility including Patient Rooms, Operating Rooms, CCU, ICU, Post-Op, and Recovery.

Bemis 2000cc Hi-Flow Suction Canister Kit Features

  • Self-sealing lid provides leak-free seal.
  • Large, easy to read graduations.
  • Pour spout, vacuum, and patient ports.
  • Mechanical shutoff valve prevents overflow and contamination.
  • Frosted panel provides writing area when needed.
  • Stepped patient port allows direct patient tubing connection without elbow if desired.
  • Made of high-impact polystyrene and durable polyethylene.
  • Lids contain multiple ports for versatility.
  • Nestable for storage.
  • Disposable, single use.

Bemis 2000cc Hi-Flow Suction Canister Kit Specifications

  • Bottom Diameter: 4" (10.16 cm).
  • Top Diameter: 6.125" (15.56 cm).
  • Height: 9.75" (24.77 cm).
  • Empty Weight: 0.79 lb.
  • Full Weight: 5.19 lb.

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