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The BD Alaris 8300 SpO2 Module is integrated with BD Alaris smart pump technology. This, along with patented micro stream Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) Spectroscopy, enables continuous respiratory monitoring that reduces the risks of opioid infusions. The Alaris 8300 also continuously measures the amount of CO2 during every breath, the amount of CO2 present at the end of the exhalation (EtCO2) and during inhalation (FiCO2), and the respiratory rate.

Warranty: 6 Months.

Note: The following error codes are used to indicate a problem.

  • Channel Error.


BD Alaris 8300 SpO2 Module Features

  • Reduces the risks of opioid infusions.
  • Customizable profiles provide flexibility across all patient-care areas.
  • Sampling lines reduce the need for moving parts, external sensors or routine calibration.
  • Features two IUI Connectors (left and right).
  • Utilizes three status indicators - alarm (red), monitoring (green), and standby (yellow).
  • EtCO2 mmHg display, respiratory rate display, channel (module) message display, and channel (module) identification make for added convenience.
  • Microstream Disposable Connector.
  • Gas Exhaust or gas scavenging system connection.
  • Pressing the module release latch allows the module to be removed.


BD Alaris 8300 SpO2 Module Specifications

  • Accuracy: Respiration rate, measured in range of 0 - 150 bpm with following accuracy
    • 0 - 70 bpm: ± 1 bpm.
    • 71 - 120 bpm: ± 2 bpm.
    • 121 - 150 bpm: ± 3 bpm.
  • Alarms: Audible and visual alarms for high and low EtCO2 and respiratory rate, high FiCO2, Microstream Disposable condition, system failure, no breath, and low battery conditions.
  • Barometric Pressure: EtCO2 module is equipped with automatic barometric pressure compensation. There are no quantitative effects of barometric pressure for this device.
  • CO2 Range: Measures and reports partial pressures of CO2 in the range of 0 - 99 mmHg at sea level. EtCO2 and FiCO2 values are calculated for all valid breaths.
  • Dimensions: 3.3" (W) x 8.9" (H) x 5.5" (D) (8.4 cm x 22.6 cm x 14 cm).
  • Flow Rate: Nominally 50 mL/min -7.5 +15 mL/min.
  • Fluid Ingress Protection: IPX1, Drip Proof.
  • Frequency Response: EtCO2 accuracy applies for breath rates of up to 80 bpm. For maintaining accuracy for respiration rates above 80 bpm, accuracy is 4 mmHg or ± 12% of reading, whichever is greater, for EtCO2 values exceeding 18 mmHg. To achieve specified accuracies for breath rates above 60 bpm, Microstream neonatal airway adapter M1996A must be used.
  • Gas Interference: Following liquid anesthetics have been tested and were found to have no effect:
    • Desflurane.
    • Enflurane.
    • Halothane.
    • Isoflurane.
    • Sevoflurane.
  • Internal Power Source: Operating time (fully charged): 5.5 hours.
  • Measurement Range:
    • EtCO2: 0 - 99 mmHg.
    • FiCO2: 0 - 99 mmHg.
    • Respiratory Rate: 0 - 150 bpm.
  • Mode of Operation: Continuous.
  • Shock Protection: Type BF, Defibrillator Proof patient applied part.
  • System Response Time:
    • EtCO2 Module Response: 2.9 seconds typical (includes rise time of 190 msec maximum and delay time of 2.7 seconds typical).
    • PC Unit Display Response: Approximately a half-second longer than EtCO2 module response.
  • Warm-Up Time: 30 seconds typical.
  • Weight: 2.5 lb (0.91 kg).


BD Alaris 8300 SpO2 Module Literature

BD Alaris 8300 SpO2 Operators Manual

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