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The ArjoHuntleigh Flowtron Bariatric Calf Garment (#DVT60L / 10 per Case) has an extra-large fit for up to a 32" (710 mm) calf circumference. It is a lightweight, single-chamber, breathable garment for DVT prevention.

Warranty: 4 Months.

It is usable with the Flowtron AC800 IPC System, Flowtron Universal Pump (#AC600), Flowtron Excel Pump (#AC550), Flowtron ACS800 Pump, and Flowtron ACS900 Pump. It is designed to provide comfort for the patient, simplicity for the user, and flexibility for healthcare facilities. A Flowtron garment is effective in the prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

Simple and Effective DVT Prevention: Adding compression to a limb using a Flowtron garment increases blood velocity in the deep veins of that limb. This then reduces venous stasis and stimulates fibrinolysis, which is the body's natural method of preventing and breaking down blood clots.

Comfort and Compliance: A lightweight, breathable fabric garment ensures comfort and helps prevent the build-up of heat and moisture. An easily identifiable garment means simple visual confirmation to ensure compliance with the patient's prescribed DVT prevention treatment.

Usage: Calf garments inflate at a pressure at 40 mmHg with a cycle time of 12 seconds inflate and 48 seconds deflate.


ArjoHuntleigh Flowtron Bariatric Calf Garment Features

  • Auto garment recognition on foot, calf, and thigh garments when used with Flowtron Universal and Flowtron ACS800 Pumps.
  • Calf garment compatible with the Flowtron Excel with variable pressure setting.
  • Comfortable material with excellent breathability characteristics.
  • Five finger hook and loop fastening.
  • Single patient use.
  • Uniform bladder with single air inlet tube.
  • Safe and easy attachment of garments to all Flowtron DVT prevention pumps.
  • Well tolerated by patients.
  • Clinically effective.
  • Non-invasive.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Easy to fit.
  • Latex free.

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