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The Ambu Thermistor w/ Safety Pins (#814900-100) features revolutionary stay-putTM prongs that position the sensors directly in the airflow path ensuring the most reliable recordings of oral and nasal airflow possible.

Warranty: 9 Months.

Designed with patient care and comfort in mind, an Ambu Thermistor w/ Safety Pins utilizes soft and flexible leadwire and an adjustable slide to perfectly fit around the contours of the patient.


Ambu Thermistor w/ Safety Pins Features

  • Reliably records oral and nasal airflow through a single channel.
  • Designed to extend the product life.
  • Easily adjusted to fit the contours of specific patients.
  • Soft, flexible leadwire and adjustable slide allows for a perfect fit around the ears and chin.
  • Innovative stay-putTM prongs ensure the sensors are positioned directly in the airflow path.
  • Replaceable battery box or sensor head keeps costs under control.


Ambu Thermistor w/ Safety Pins Specifications

  • Standard 1.5 mm safety connectors.


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