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The Ambu RIPmate Kit w/ Dispoable Bands - A5 (#819200-121) includes two RIP locks and one roll band.

Warranty: 1 Year - processors, belts, and cables.

Reponsible for measuring inductance changes in the wire of the belt as it expands and contracts with breathing, the Ambu RIPmate Kit w/ Dispoable Bands - A5 also collects data for thoracic and abdominals respiratory effort during sleep disorder studies. Made from soft and flexible materials, this complete kit eliminates the problem of signal loss due to lost belt tension and false paradoxical signals.


Ambu RIPmate Kit w/ Dispoable Bands - A5 Features

  • Made from soft, flexible materials.
  • Buckles are fully encapsulated and features rounded corners and flat profiles to further enhance patient comfort.
  • Single use eliminates the need to clean.
  • Cut to the exact length for a perfect fit.
  • No adjusting necessary - grips tight to the patient.
  • Prevents loss of signal due to belt slipping.
  • Signal quality is on par with RIPmate reusable belts.


Ambu RIPmate Kit w/ Dispoable Bands - A5 Specifications

  • Lead Wire: Two conductors, approximately 205 cm.
  • Terminators: 1.5 mm safety pins (custom terminators available).
  • Belting Systems: Disposable, cut to length.
  • Low Frequency filter/time constant: 0.16 Hz (or 1 second longer). Shorter time constants or higher low frequency filter settings will significantly attenuate waveforms.
  • High Frequency Filter: 8-15 Hz.
  • Sensitivity: Adjustment of the sensitivity up or down is typically required. Response is dependent upon such variables as sensor application and patient effort.
  • Width: 1 inch.

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