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The Ambu Neuroline Concentric EMG Needle Electrode (25/Box) includes single patient needle electrodes for EMG recordings and is available in six different sizes to meet your needs.

Note: These electrodes require an Ambu Neuroline Concentric Cable (#1741 or #1742) with 5 pin touch proof connector.

Warranty: Until Use or Expiration (3 Year Shelf Life).

Ambu Neuroline Concentric EMG Needle Electrode Features

  • Superior robotic production with a unique vision control system ensures you a reliable and consistent quality.
  • Precision centering of the inner Silver core ensures recordings are both accurate and reliable.
  • Ergonomic hub design with an index mark allows secure grip and orientation.
  • Ultra sharp tip eases insertion and gives less pain.
  • Reduced friction due to smooth surface of the cannula.
  • Well-defined recording area gives easy reproduction of results.
  • Color coded hub offers simple size identification.
  • No risk of cross-contamination.
  • Every size is manufactured with the optimum combination between strength and flexibility.
  • A strength that will ensure that you can quickly locate the target area, and a flexibility that facilitates fine adjustments within the muscle.
  • The needle electrodes have a user-friendly hub with the special ribbing and now with an even more ergonomical shape to optimize your handling of the needle.
  • Electrodes are packed in individual pouches.

Ambu Neuroline Concentric EMG Needle Electrode Configurations

Item Number Color Length (mm) Length (inches) Caliber (mm) Gauge Number Recording Area (mm2) Qty Per Pack
#74025-30/25 White 25 mm 1" 0.30 mm 30G 0.02 25
#74025-45/25 Gray 25 mm 1" 0.45 mm 26G 0.07 25
#74030-35/25 Purple 30 mm 1.2" 0.35 mm 28G 0.02 25
#74038-45/25 Green 38 mm 1.5" 0.45 mm 26G 0.07 25
#74050-45/25 Yellow 50 mm 2" 0.45 mm 26G 0.07 25
#74075-65/25 Red 75 mm 3" 0.65 mm 23G 0.07 25

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