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The Ambu Disposable Pressure Manometer (#322004000 / 20 per Box) is designed for single patient use and is intended to be used for monitoring the patient's airway pressure.

Warranty: Until Use or Expiration.

The Disposable Pressure Manometer is constructed from a SEBS material, meaning it does not contain any PVC or natural rubber latex. Suitable for use with Ambu resuscitators (such as the SPUR II) or other resuscitators, hyperinflation bags, CPAP masks, or circuits, the Disposable Pressure Manometer features a slim design making it easy to monitor the pressure with minimal obstruction to the patient's face. As a single use product this Manometer minimizes the risk of cross infections.

Ambu Disposable Pressure Manometer Features

  • Utilizes a color coded scale to provide enhanced visual support during ventilation.
  • PVC free.
  • The slim design provides an optimal view of the patient.
  • Minimizes the risk of cross infections.

Ambu Disposable Pressure Manometer Specifications

  • Length: 2.16535" (55 mm).
  • Diameter: 0.866142" (22 mm).
  • Weight: 0.0141096 lb (6.4 g).
  • Connector Size: 0.15" (3.7 mm).
  • Connector: SEBS.
  • Spring: CuSn.
  • Housing: SB.
  • Piston: PP.
  • Membrane: Silicone.
  • Operating Temperature Range: -18 oC to 50 oC.
  • Storage Temperature Range: -40 oC to 60 oC.
  • Measuring Limits: 0 - 60 cmH2O.
  • Accuracy: +/- 2 cm H2O (hPa) at 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 30 H2O (hPa), +/- 3 cm H2O (hPa) at 40 H2O (hPa), +/- 5 cm H2O (hPa) at 60 H2O (hPa).

Ambu Disposable Pressure Manometer Literature

Ambu Disposable Pressure Manometer Datasheet

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