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The Ambu CO2 Detector (12 per box) is a carbon dioxide detector that has been specially designed to detect CO2 in the exhaled breath of a patient.

Warranty: Until Use or Expiration (3 Year Shelf Life).

Utilized during mechanical ventilation, the Ambu CO2 Detector assists in the placement of an endotracheal or nasotracheal tube, or to verify the condition of a patient airway. Changes color from violet at ambient levels of CO2 to yellow at normal respiratory levels. May be used for up to two hours of continuous use.


Ambu CO2 Detector Features

  • Designed to make airway assessment fast and easy.
  • Confirms proper endotracheal tube placement.
  • Prevents unwarranted intubations.
  • Confirms cardiac output during CPR.
  • 2" diameter visual indicator makes breath-to-breath easy to see.
  • Lens is coated with an anti-fogging agent to reduce moisture and humidity and ensure continuous lens clarity.
  • Complies with Standard of Care Guidelines from the American Heart Association, American College of Emergency Physicians, American Association for Respiratory Care and the American Society of Anesthesiologists.


Ambu CO2 Detector Specifications

  • Patient Weight: Adult > 33 lb (15 kg), Pedi 2.2-33 lb (1-15 kg).
  • Resistance to Flow: 3.0cm H20 + 1cm at 60L/min.
  • Weight: Less than 0.0440925 lb or 20 G.
  • Connector Ports: 0.866142" (22 mm) O.D. / 0.590551" (15 mm) I.D.
  • Proximal End: 0.590551" (15 mm) O.D.
  • Internal Volume: 30 cc
  • Storage Temperature: 24 degrees C (75 degrees F)
  • Shelf Life: 3 years.
  • Size Available: Adult and pediatric.
  • Failure Notification: If color remains violet.
  • Viewing Area: 2"
  • Color Change: Purple/Yellow.
  • Odor: None.
  • Any Any Inhalation Potential?: None.
  • Usage Time: Up to two hours.
  • Latex Free: Yes.
  • Open or Closed Vent: Closed.


Ambu CO2 Detector Sizes

  • #172712: Adult.
  • #172713: Pediatric.


Ambu CO2 Detector Literature

Ambu CO2 Detector Datasheet

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