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The Ambu BlueSensor SU ECG Electrode is the world's first tab electrode featuring a wet gel. It combines wet gel and superior quick adhesion to provide optimal signal quality during 12-lead diagnostic resting applications. The special occlusive backing material makes the electrode resistant to liquids. Extremely easy to use, it comes with ten SU electrodes packed on a single liner so there is no need to peel off individual backing material.

Ambu BlueSensor SU ECG Electrode Features

  • Highly conductive wet gel.
  • Superior quick adhesion.
  • Unique offset connector - fitting or tab.
  • Occlusive backing material.
  • High-quality Ag/AgCl sensor.

Ambu BlueSensor SU ECG Electrode Specifications

  • Electrode Size (max. L x W or diameter in mm): 49 x 33.
  • Skin Contact Size (max. L x W or diameter in mm): 34 x 33.
  • Adhesive Area (in mm2): 772.
  • Height Excluding Connector/Wire (in mm): 1.2.
  • Sensor Material: Silver/silver chloride (Ag/AgCl).
  • Gel System: Wet gel.
  • Sensor Area (in mm

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