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The Air-Shields Resuscitaire Infant Warmer (#RW-82) is the ideal device to have during labor and delivery procedures. It combines an effective warming therapy platform along with the components you need for clinical emergency and resuscitation.

Warranty: 90 Days - Parts and Labor.

Drawing from years of experience in neonatal care, Drager has integrated neonatal thermoregulation and respiratory support into a single, versatile Labor & Delivery device - the Resuscitaire Warmer. It is designed specifically for birthing room use. It consists of a detachable cart/bassinet, warmer, and a controller module (explained below).


At power-up, the microprocessor within the controller performs a series of diagnostic tests to confirm the proper operation of the system. During this time, all display and indicators light, except for Power Fail, and a tone sounds.

When powered-up, the system initializes in Pre-Warm Mode, the controller starts the heater at 100% power and maintains that setting for 3 min, reduces to 60% for 12 min, and then reduces the heater power to 30%. During the low heat setting, the unit continues to provide heat with no low limit alarms enabled.

When operating the controller in Manual Mode, you can adjust the heater power from 0% to full power in 10% increments. After 10 min of operation in Manual Mode, the Check Patient alarm occurs. To silence the alarm for 10 minutes, verify the infant's temperature, and press the Silence/Reset key. Failure to acknowledge the Check Patient alarm by pressing the Silence/Reset key within the next 5 min causes the heater to shut down, and an alarm occurs.

When operated in Baby Mode, the controller uses a skin temperature probe, connected between the controller input and the infant, to automatically adjust the heater output of the warmer module to maintain a selected set temperature.

The Apgar Timer displays the elapsed time and sounds an alert tone at 1, 5, and 10 minutes.

The Keypad Lock key, when pressed, enables or disables the Up/Down arrows, the Select Mode key, and the >37°C key.

A procedural silence timer blocks out Low Baby Temp audible alarms for 5 minutes during routine procedures.


Air-Shields Resuscitaire Infant Warmer Features

  • Resuscitation right where you need it: The blender (optional), suction (optional), flowmeter, and positive pressure are all mounted on the bed and accessible at your finger tips.
  • Silica Quartz Heater: Silica Quartz technology, a fast heating element, provides complete and EVEN heating. A parabolic reflector helps distribute the heat evenly over the entire mattress area.
  • Bassinet: Designed to provide maximum function and utility to aid in the care of the newborn. You may fold the side and front panels down to gain access to the infant. The mattress tilts at a 0°, 5°, or 10° angle. Openings are provided on each side of the bassinet for the insertion of the accessory x-ray cassette tray. A push-through drawer is supplied standard on every unit.
  • Warmer Module: A controller provides Pre-Warm Mode, Manual Mode, or Baby Mode (servo skin temperature control) to control the warmer. An examination light provides additional illumination of the mattress area. A warmer head pivot allows the warmer to be pivoted to either side for x-ray procedures. Additionally, when the warmer is pivoted, it continues to provide heat.
  • Monitor and IV pole storage.
  • Alarms: All alarm indicators are displayed in the upper right corner of the controller panel and illuminate when activated:
    • High Temperature: When the skin temperature probe is attached to the infant and the skin temperature exceeds 39 °C (102 °F), the heater automatically turns off, the High Temp indicator flashes, and the alarm sounds continuously. To silence the alarm for 2 min, press the Silence/Reset key. After you correct the alarm condition or the infant's temperature falls below 38.5 °C (101.3 °F), the alarm automatically resets. If the skin probe detects a temperature of 39.5 °C (103.1 °F), the unit shuts down, and a System Fail alarm activates.
    • Check Patient: After 10 min of operation in Manual Mode, the Chk Patient indicator illuminates, and the alarm sounds. Thereafter, the Chk Patient indicator remains illuminated, and the alarm sounds every 30 s for 5 min. To silence the alarm for 10 min, check the infant's temperature, and press the Silence/Reset key. If the alarm has not been acknowledged after a total of 15 additional min, the heater shuts down, and a continuous ramping alarm sounds. To activate the heater, check the infant's temperature, and press the Silence/Reset key.
    • Probe: If the skin temperature probe fails (short- or open-circuits), or if the controller is in Baby Mode and there is no skin temperature probe connected to the controller, the Probe indicator flashes and a ramping alarm sounds. Additionally, the word "Lo" displays in the baby temperature display due to the baby skin temperature probe reading < 18 °C ambient temperature. After correcting the alarm condition, the alarm automatically resets.
    • Baby Temperature: When the temperature sensed by the skin temperature probe is 1 °C above or below the Set Temperature display setting in Baby Mode, the Baby Temp indicator flashes, and an alarm sounds, first at a low level, then at a medium level, and then at a high level. Additionally, if the temperature is 0.2 °C above the Set Temperature display, the heater turns off automatically. To silence the alarm for 10 min, check the infant's temperature, and press the Silence/Reset key.
    • Power Failure: When AC power to the unit is interrupted while the controller is on, the Power Fail indicator flashes, and the alarm beeps. To silence the alarm, press the ON/STBY switch. When power is restored to the unit, the alarm automatically resets, and all settings are retained (Note: Turning off the power switch keeps the controller and heater from starting automatically when power is returned to the unit. The settings are retained in memory).
    • System Failure: If an internal malfunction is detected, the System Fail indicator flashes, and the alarm beeps. In addition, the Baby Temperature display shows an error code, such as Er01 to Er023. A prolonged brown-out, such as 5 min or longer, also causes this alarm. This alarm is not resettable. Refer the unit to qualified service personnel.
  • Resuscitation Module (optional): Contains pneumatic outlets necessary for infant resuscitation. Controls and displays for the module are located above the bassinet on the warmer column. The module has an adjustable airway pressure relief [when pressure in the hose delivering gas to the patient falls below -0.4 kPa (-4 cm H2O), the one-way valve installed at the Patient Outlet connection opens. In the unlikely failure of the gas supply, the one-way valve allows patient to inspire room air].
    • Patient Outlet: Can provide continuous gas flow to the patient. Controls are provded for Airway Pressure Relief (maximum pressure) and Flow Rate (Circuit flow delivering 100% oxygen or blended gas). The adjustable Airway Pressure Relief control is always operative when used with the 15 mm tubing provided. Pressure relief is adjustable and ranges from 0 to 4.9 kPa (0 to 50 cm H2O/mbar). The fixed internal safety relief valve is always operable and provides redundant maximum pressure relief at 5.9 kPa (60 cm H2O/mbar) ± 20% and allows the patient to inspire room air in the event of gas supply failure. The fixed internal safety relief valve provides a maximum pressure relief at 4.9 kPa (50 cm H2O/mbar) ± 20%.
    • Airway Pressure: This gauge monitors the airway pressure when externally connected to patient circuits.
    • Auxiliary Outlet: Supplies 100% oxygen (non-adjustable) through the Auxiliary Flow control to the auxiliary outlet connector. It is intended for oxygen enrichment of a manual bag resuscitator, for supplemental delivery to the patient, mother, or a second neonate, such as a twin. The Auxiliary Flow control adjusts the flow rate from 0 to 15 LPM. An internal pre-set relief valve limits the auxiliary outlet pressure to 15.7 kPa (160.1 cm H2O/mbar).
    • Suction: A gas-powered, venturi-generated vacuum drives the suction circuit, which provides a negative pressure for suctioning the patient's airway. This suction device is specifically intended for removal of mucus from neonates post delivery. The suction negative pressure is indicated on the suction gauge. Adjust suction with the Suction control [between 0 to 19.99 kPa (0 to 2.90 psi), minimum of 15.7 LPM at maximum], and turn it on or off with the On/Off switch. A fixed relief valve limits the maximum suction pressure to 150 mm Hg (80" H2O/mbar).
    • Blender (optional): Supplies blended gas from 21 to 100% to the Patient Outlet on the Resuscitation Module. During operation, the resuscitation module alarms if both oxygen or air pressures are low.


Air-Shields Resuscitaire Infant Warmer Specifications

  • Dimensions: 44" (D) x 26.5" (W) x 72" (H) (112 cm x 68 cm x 183 cm).
  • Weight: 220 lb (100 kg) without options/accessories.
  • Maximum Power Requirements: 120 V, 50 - 60 Hz, 750 W.
  • Illumination: > 0.11 lumens/cm2 (100 ft. candles).
  • Set Temperature/Heater Output:
    • Set Temp Range: 93 to 100 °F (> 98.6° override).
    • Heater Output: 0 to 100%, 10% increments.
    • Skin Temp Display: 64 to 110 °F.
    • Accuracy: 0 ± 0.2 °C.


Air-Shields Resuscitaire Infant Warmer Configurations

  • #MFI-DGR-RW-82: Standard (No Resuscitation Module).
  • #MFI-DGR-RW-82-RM: With Resuscitation Module.
  • #MFI-DGR-RW-82-RM-O2: With Resuscitation Module and O2 Blender.

Note: Resuscitation Module with Autobreath is not available due to limited supply.

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