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The ADC Proscope 5312-3 2.5V Dermascope Head (#5312-3) is designed to be attached to the ADC Battery Handle for Proscope 2.5V Dermascope Head (#5260).

Warranty: 1 Year.

Note: This is for the dermascope head only and does not include the handle.

ADC Proscope 5312-3 2.5V Dermascope Head Features

  • Bright 2.5V Halogen illumination ensure true tissue color for accurate identification.
  • 10X optic system.
  • Removable contact plate is auto-clavable.
  • Large knurled focusing ring.
  • Comfortable soft synthetic rubber eyepiece.
  • Reticle contact plate etched onto the lens in millimeters permits easy measurement of suspicious lesions.
  • Bayonet locking mount.
  • Works with #5260 battery handle.
  • Inspected and packaged in the USA.

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