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The ADC Diagnostix 5440 3.5V Coax Ophthalmoscope Head is intended to examine the media (cornea, aqueous, lens, and vitreous) and the retina of the eye, and is available with a halogen/xenon lamp (#5440X) or an advanced AdLED lamp (#5440L). This head can be attached to the ADC Diagnostix 5460 3.5V Plug-In Rechargeable Battery Handle or the ADC Diagnostix 5560 3.5V Rechargeable Battery Handle.

Warranty: 2 Years (AdLED lamp carries a lifetime warranty).

Note: This is for the coax ophthalmoscope head only and does not include a battery handle.

ADC Diagnostix 5440 3.5V Coax Ophthalmoscope Head Features

  • High performance aspherical condenser lens reduces corneal reflection.
  • Further reduction provided by utilizing distinct parallel observational and illuminating light beams (Gullstrand's principal).
  • Ergonomic design and integral thumb rest improves stability and allows one finger control of all functions.
  • Synthetic rubber brow rest facilitates use with practitioner eyeglasses.
  • Dust proof.
  • Magnified/illuminated aperture viewing window.
  • Universal bayonet mount for compatibility with other brands of 3.5v power supply handles.
  • Anti-theft locking feature is standard.
  • 29 viewing lenses from -35 to plus 40 (Plus 1-10, 12, 15, 20, 40 - Minus 1-10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35).
  • 24 aperture/filter combinations for improved versatility.
  • 6 apertures include:
    • Slit - used to help determine levels of tumors and lesions.
    • Fixation - has graduated cross-hairs for measuring eccentric fixation or locating lesions.
    • Large - standard aperture for a dilated pupil and general examination of the eye.
    • Small - provides excellent view of fundus through an undilated pupil.
    • Micro spot- allows quick entry into small, undilated pupils.
    • Half moon - provides a combination of depth perception and field of view.
  • 3 filters (plus neutral) include:
    • Red free - excludes red rays from examination field for easy identification of veins, arteries and nerve fibers.
    • Cobalt - used with fluorescent dye to view small lesions, abrasions and foreign objects on the cornea.
    • Polarizing - virtually eliminates corneal reflection.

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