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The ADC ADView 2 Modular Diagnostic Station includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, U.S. power cord, 10-foot length of tubing, Adult Plus and Large Adult Plus cuffs, Mini-USB to USB cable, a Quick Start Guide, and a Quick Reference Guide.

The Temperature Module can be added and includes an oral/axillary probe and well (blue) and a box of 20 probe covers.

A Pulse Oximetry Module can also be added and is available with a ChipOx Nellcor Compatible SpO2 Module or a Masimo SET SpO2 Module that includes a reusable adult finger sensor and an eight foot extension cable.

Warranty: 3 Years (Main Unit and Modules), 2 Years (Blood Pressure Cuffs), 1 Year (Battery).

The ADView 2 is still the only truly modular diagnostic station that grows with your needs. Start with blood pressure and choose temperature or pulse oximetry options at the time of purchase; we'll ship your ADView 2 fully configured and ready to go. You can also add new modules and accessories in the field, anytime, as you need them. The ADC ADView 2 Modular Diagnostic Station's user-expandable, connect-and-go construction makes upgrading effortless.

The ADC ADView 2 easily captures automated blood pressure measurements at the touch of a button. The non-invasive blood pressure base unit module uses the oscillometric method, with both pulse rate and the mean arterial blood pressure (MAP*) displayed in about 30 seconds. With seven available cuff sizes, ranging from child to thigh, the ADView 2 can be used for patients ages three and older. Mounting options and other accessories are also available on our website. *Not validated for use in the U.S.

ADC ADView 2 Modular Diagnostic Station Features

  • ADC ADView 2 Modular Diagnostic Station Features:
    • Clinical-grade Advantage BP technology from SunTech Medical.
    • Contemporary, compact design with an integrated handle and easy-to-read display.
    • Next-generation EMR ready with HL7 messaging for electronic data transfer.
    • Network enabled with built-in Ethernet or optional Wi-Fi.
    • Lithium-ion power for longer-lasting battery life and a lighter weight.
    • Built-in memory with up to 99 charting sessions.
    • New Pediatric Mode to ensure accurate measurements for younger patients.
    • Firmware upgradeable.
    • Manual mode option for added versatility:
      • Manual blood pressure mode for real-time verification.
      • Allows you to capture blood pressure with a stethoscope using the traditional ausculatory method without changing cuffs.
      • Manual mode provides important versatility for patients with arrhythmias or other complex needs.
    • Customizable average mode options:
      • Offers a user-definable averaging mode, with setting options ranging from two to five readings as well as start and interval delays.
      • Averaging is recognized as a key component of accurate blood pressure measurement and was used in the recent SPRINT trial conducted by the National Institute of Health.
    • Next-generation EMR ready with HL7 messaging for electronic data transfer.
      • Connectivity using your ADView 2 is extremely flexible offering three integration options - simple, native, or enterprise.
        • Simple: Using ADC's free, downloadable ADviewer software, our Simple Integration creates a PDF file that can be attached to a patient's existing electronic record. A print option is also available. This solution offers fast, inexpensive integration with little technical know-how.
        • Native: Native integration will send individual vital sign measurements directly to the corresponding EMR fields as defined in a patient's electronic record. We have a growing list of supported EMR vendors that are compatible with the ADviewer platform. Native integration requires some technical know-how and may involve initial costs to confirm data is being communicated accurately.
        • Enterprise: Enterprise integration deploys translation middleware and leverages your experienced EMR integration specialists. This solution is suitable for larger institutions that may already have translation software and and IT team. Costs will be higher and execution more technical. ADC can recommend a professional services partner, if needed.
      • Allows the option to build the ADView 2 into almost any clinical EMR workflow, no matter how complex.
  • ADC ADView 2 Modular Diagnostic Station Temperature Module Features:
    • Add a Covidien Filac 3000 thermometry module to your ADView 2 for an oral or axillary temperature reading in as little as four seconds.
    • Features both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales, switchable with the touch of a button.
    • Cold Mode for lower ranges.
    • Built-in, color-coded storage well for the probe.
    • An optional color-coded rectal chamber and probe is also available.
  • ADC ADView 2 Modular Diagnostic Station Pulse Oximetry Module Features:
    • Add a pulse oximetry module to your ADView 2 to measure oxygen saturation of arterial blood flow in about 10 seconds.
    • The ChipOx Nellcor Compatible SpO2 module displays pulse rate signal strength during measurement.
    • Alternatively, choose the Masimo SET SpO2 module upgrade.
    • An optional pediatric/multi-site sensor is also available.

ADC ADView 2 Modular Diagnostic Station Specifications

  • Conditions for Use: 10 degrees C (50 degrees F) to 40 degrees C (104 degrees F) 15 - 90% RH non-condensing - 700 kPa - 1060 kPa.
    • Operating the monitor in an environment at maximum temperature can produce temperatures exceeding 41 degrees C (41.6 degrees C highest recorded) on a patient-applied part.
    • It is up to the operator to determine if this temperature is too high based upon the condition of the patient and, if so, to ensure the ambient temperature of the environment is 38 degrees C or below.
  • Storage: -20 degrees C (-4 degrees F) to 55 degrees C (149 degrees F) 15 - 90% RH non-condensing - 500 kPa - 1060 kPa.
    • Performance can be affected if used or stored outside the specified temperature, humidity, or altitude listed in the ranges above.
  • Power: Internal power supply.
    • Input: 100-240 VAC @ 1.5A max, 50-60 Hz.
    • Output: +9VDC @ 5A IEC 320 type input connector.
  • Battery:
    • Type: 7.2v, 6600mAh Internal Lithium-Ion battery.
    • Run Time (full charge): ~20 hrs* / 200 BP cycles.
    • Charge Time: ~6 hrs @ 23deg Celsius +/- 2deg.
    • *Unit with BP, Temp, SpO2, Wi-Fi, barcode scanner.
  • Calibration: The accuracy of cuff -pressure transducers/indicators should be verified bi-annually.
  • Safety Systems: Independent hardware over-pressure circuit and redundant software over-pressure algorithm to limit cuff pressure to less than 300 mmHg (+20/-10mmHg). Independent hardware timing circuit and redundant software timer algorithm to limit the duration of a blood pressure cycle to less than 180 seconds.
  • Dimensions (without thermometer option): 8" (215 mm) H x 6.75" (190 mm) W x 5.2" (140 mm) D.
  • Standards: ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1:2005/(R)2012 and A1:2012, C1:2009/(R)2012 and A2:2010/(R)2012, EN 60601-1:2006/A1:2013, IEC 60601-1-2: 2007 EMC, IEC 80601-2-30: 2013, ISO 80601-2-61: 2011, ISO 15223-1:2012, ISO 10993-1, 2009, ISO 10993-5, 2009, EN ISO 10993-10, 2010, ISO 81060-2:2013, EN 50419: 2006, EN ISO 14971:2009, CSA C22.2 No. 60601-1, EN ISO 81060-1: 2012, IEC 60601-1-6: 2013.
  • Classifications: Equipment Classification: Class IIa per MDD, Class I (Electrical Shock), Continuous mode of operation, CE.
  • Ingress of Liquid: Ingress Protection: IPX1: This device is protected against harmful effects of dripping water per IEC 60529.
  • Blood Pressure Range:
    • Diastolic: 20-200 mmHg (adult), 20-160 mmHg (pediatric).
    • Systolic: 40-260 mmHg (adult), 40-230 mmHg (pediatric).
    • Heart Rate: 30-220 BPM (beats per minute).
  • Blood Pressure Accuracy: Meets or exceeds ANSI/AAMI/ISO 81060-2:2013 standard for non-invasive accuracy (+/-5mmHg mean error with 8mmHg standard deviation).
  • Temperature Module Specifications:
    • Temperature Accuracy:
      • Quick Mode (Oral): +/- 0.3 degrees C.
      • Std. Mode (Aux/Recta): +/- 0.1 degrees C.
      • Direct Mode: +/- 0.1 degrees C.
    • Response Time:
      • Quick Mode: 4 sec.
      • Axillary/Rectal: 10-15 sec.
      • Direct Mode: 60 sec.
    • Resolution: 0.1 degrees C.
  • SpO2 Module Specifications:
    • Saturation Normal (no motion): 70-100%Arms +/- 2%.
    • Saturation Motion: N/A.
    • Low Perfusion: N/A.
    • Pulse Heart Rate: 20-300 BPM: +/-3 BPM.
    • Pulse Heart Rate w/motion: 20-300 BPM: +/-3 BPM.

ADC ADView 2 Modular Diagnostic Station Configurations

  • #9005BP: ADView 2 Blood Pressure Base Unit.
  • #9005BPTO: ADView 2 Blood Pressure Base Unit with Temperature Module.
  • #9005BPS: ADView 2 Blood Pressure Base Unit with ChipOx Nellcor Compatible SpO2 Module.
  • #9005BPSTO: ADView 2 Blood Pressure Base Unit with ChipOx Nellcor Compatible SpO2 Module and Temperature Module.
  • #9005BPSM: ADView 2 Blood Pressure Base Unit with Masimo SET SpO2 Module.
  • #9005BPSMTO: ADView 2 Blood Pressure Base Unit with Masimo SET SpO2 Module and Temperature Module.

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