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The 3M Coban 2 Layer Lite Compression System (#2794N) provides sustained, therapeutic compression for up to seven days.

Note: This product is non-returnable. Please check sizing before placing your order.

Warranty: Until Use or Expiration.

This compression system is engineered with Intelligent Compression Dynamics to stay in place and deliver comfortable, effective, therapeutic compression for venous leg ulcers and other conditions requiring compression.

3M Coban 2 Layer Lite Compression System Features

  • Clinically proven to significantly reduce slippage and encourage longer wear.
  • The compression layer is designed to be applied at full stretch, reducing application variability.
  • The thin, lightweight, breathable sleeve allows patients to wear their own shoes, enabling a more normal lifestyle.
  • Application is fast and easy to teach and learn.

3M Coban 2 Layer Lite Compression System Specifications

  • Compression Layer Size: 4" x 5.1 yd (10 cm x 4.7 m) stretched.
  • Comfort Layer Size: 4" x 2.9 yd (10 cm x 2.7 m)
  • Compression Location: Below the Knee.
  • ABPI: 0.5.

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