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Getting a good night's rest is an undeniable need for every human being, but oftentimes various disorders and health conditions can impact our sleep cycle. SleepSense is a brand name for Scientific Laboratory Products, with a mission to provide the best and most advanced sleep diagnosis tools available.

According to the CDC, an estimated "third of US adults report that they usually get less than the recommended amount of sleep" which could lead to serious consequences, such as "motor vehicle crashes and mistakes at work, which cause a lot of injury and disability each year."

If patients are experiencing difficulty sleeping or performing normal activities during the day, it's the responsibility of a specialist to diagnose the problem and set them on the right treatment track. SleepSense also understands that these sleep disorders are not just problems experienced in older patients. Patients at any age, whether they be a child or a senior, can be affected by lack of sleep.

SleepSense is Leading the Charge

SleepSense has over 15 years of experience in diagnosing and treating sleep disorders. They offer a wide range of tools, from body sensors and probes to cannulas and accessories. SleepSense even offers kits that have everything a provider needs to administer a diagnosis right away.

  • Body and Limb Movement Sensors: Body Position Sensors and Limb Movement Sensors can detect and measure the frequency that a patient moves during sleep. Limb spasms or uncomfortable sleeping positions can often jolt a person from sleep, and these sensors can inform the patient of this frequency.
  • Probes: Probes can be paired with pressure sensors to detect and monitor changes in airflow sensors. These are critical in detecting symptoms of sleep apnea, difficulty breathing, and more.
  • Cannulas: Cannulas are another tool for accurately detecting changes in airflow during rest. They're designed to be situated under the nose and transfer signals from airflow pressure to a PSG system for monitoring.
  • Snore Sensors: These types of sensors respond to snoring sensations during sleep, monitoring the frequency of these occurrences. SleepSense snore sensors are often compatible with other respiratory monitoring systems.
  • ThermoCan: ThermoCan is a specific brand of cannula that monitors thermal and pressure airflow during sleep simultaneously. The ThermoCan cannulas and accompanying accessories are available as either disposable or reusable models.
  • Pulse Oximeter Probes: The newest addition to the SleepSense catalog, the pulse oximetry probes are a tangle-free, advanced option for consistent signals during sleep studies.
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