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Salter Labs is committed to innovation. Founded with the belief that health systems only experience innovation when companies collaborate with patients to design and implement products, Salter Labs strives to continuously debut new respiratory, anesthesia, homecare, and more products that exceed patient expectations and focus on safety, efficiency, and satisfaction.

With a range of innovative products such as high-performing nebulizers that can help patients out of the ED faster to laryngoscopes and endotracheal tubes that improve airway safety, Salter Labs products are designed by expert clinicians with the goal of creating a new standard for patient care.

Salter-Style Cannulas

The cannula that started it all, the original Salter-Style cannula is the standard bearer for patient comfort and remains to this day the world’s most popular oxygen cannula.

Respiratory Products

With an ever expanding range of inventive products for oxygen delivery, NIV, CPAP therapy, and aerosol therapy, Salter Labs sets the standard when it comes to efficiency, safety, and patient comfort. Thanks to the input of clinicians, Salter Labs respiratory products can do everything from speed up therapy to reduce the risk of hospital skin breakdown.

Anesthesia Products

Continuing the trend of innovation, Salter Labs airway management and capnography products are continuously improving on the industry standards of performance and patient safety. As such, they’ve developed endotracheal tube tips that conform to airway anatomy, capnography products that provide accurate signals, and even the first advance in laryngoscope lighting in decades.

Our Current Specials

At MFI, we work with manufacturers to get the best deals for customers and caregivers. Check out our specials page and get the latest available deals for all types of medical products.

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