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MFI carries Philips products for use in various healthcare fields, including diagnostic ECG, computed tomography (CT), fluoroscopy, sleep and respiratory care, patient monitoring, radiation oncology, ultrasound, medical lighting, and much more.

Philips HP EKG Leads Connector

Philips HP EKG Leads

Cables and Sensors

$133.00 - $134.00

The Philips HP EKG Leads set comes with 4 x 48" limb leadwires and 6 x 36" chest leadwires. Manufactured by Cables and Sensors.Warranty: 6 Months -...

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Philips Toco Transducer - 1

Philips Toco Transducer

Cables and Sensors

$260.00 - $286.00

The Philips Toco Transducer is designed for fetal monitoring. It has an eight foot cable and is manufactured by Cables and Sensors. Warranty: 1 Yea...

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