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A patient’s weight is just one important statistic that physician’s keep track of, and it’s vital that weight measurements be accurate. MFI Medical carries a variety of scales to support patients of all kinds, including those for bariatric patients, wheelchairs, and stretchers.

Physician’s Scales

Physician’s scales available range from weigh beams and height measurements to digital (and audible) displays. Patients stand on the scale and the caregiver uses the balance beam to determine the weight. In addition, patients who have trouble standing can use a chair scale that enables them to sit comfortably while they have weight measurements taken.

Detecto also has baby scales where pediatricians can safely place babies for weighing during check-ups. Detecto baby scales are accurate and reliable, with digital displays for clear numbers. This feature can be especially useful when the babies have trouble keeping still. For more “bouncy” babies, Detecto also produced a suspended baby scale where the child can be placed in a bouncing sling and hung from the dial scale for accurate weight measurement.

Scale Brands We Carry

MFI Medical carries reliable scales from Detecto and Welch Allyn. Detecto offers the widest range of scales, with both weigh beam and digital scales, baby scales, and portable bariatric scales. Welch Allyn offers a stretcher scale and wheelchair scale for more frail patients.

Bariatric Scales

For patients whose weight surpasses the range on standard physician scales, bariatric scales are available to accommodate. Both portable scales and BMI-calculating scales are available, so that caregivers can get accurate readings for their patients even if they cannot physically come to the office.

Wheelchair and Stretcher Scales

For very ill patients on stretchers or wheelchair-bound patients, there are specialized scales available to take measurements without needing to move the patient. These scales contain ramp flaps that make it convenient to roll on and off the scale, and can subtract the weight of the wheelchair or stretcher.

Digital Scales vs Weigh Beam Scales

While both styles of scales can accurately measure a patient’s weight, there are a few differences between them.

  • Digital scales require batteries or frequent charging, while weigh beam scales do not.
  • Digital scales can be more accurate, but require a glass or plastic surface to prevent environmental factors from causing inaccurate readings.
  • Weigh beam scales are typically less expensive than digital scales.
  • Digital scales are capable of audible readouts.

Don’t Forget About Discounts

We pride ourselves on working closely with the brands you trust to bring you the best prices on scales. Take a look at our Specials page for the latest deals and discounts on equipment you need. Be sure to check back throughout the year, as these deals change over time.

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