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Harloff is known as one of the largest manufacturers of medical storage and medical carts. MFI Medical proudly carries a wide range of Harloff products, including storage carts, medicine cabinets, and a number of different medical carts.

Harloff 2730 Large Narcotics Cabinet

The Harloff 2730 Large Narcotics Cabinet securely stores medicines and narcotics and includes wall mounting hardware.

Harloff ISO2800 Isolation Mount

The Harloff ISO2800 Isolation Mount is designed to hold two boxes of gloves, a bulk pack of disposable gowns, face masks, shoe covers and caps, or face masks with splash guards. Latex-free and is available in 16 different colors.

Harloff Notebook Holder

The Harloff Notebook Holder securely mounts to your cart to keep you organized for the work at hand.

Harloff 3 Gallon Sharps Container & Bracket

Comprised of a Harloff 3 Gallon Bemis Sharps Container and an aluminum bracket, the top-of-the-line Harloff 3 Gallon Sharps Container & Bracket safely secures sharp objects for both removal and disposal.

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At MFI, we work with manufacturers to get the best deals for customers and caregivers. Check out our specials page and get the latest available deals for all types of medical products.

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