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As one of the top manufacturers in emergency response devices, Ferno continues to provide top-quality stretchers, patient immobilization, and personnel medical bags, just to name a few. If you’re looking for reliable emergency care devices for response vehicles or personnel, look no further than Ferno.

Reliable Transport

Transporting an injured patient requires the utmost care and comfort, alongside speed and mobility. Ferno ambulance stretchers and stair chairs fit that bill. The ambulance stretchers on offer vary in capabilities, such as non-magnetic features, user assist power features, and versatile positioning. They’re designed to be adaptable to nearly any emergency situation. Similarly, stair chairs are specifically designed for adaptation in tight quarters such as staircases. Patients can be comfortably secured and moved up and down terrain without worry of slipping.

For larger or bariatric patients, Ferno offers PROFlexx and POWERFlexx assist systems for transporting and loading/unloading. In addition, LBS (large body surface) boards provide wider surface area for the patient to lay comfortably.

Immobilization Tools

With more serious internal injuries, it’s vital to keep patients restrained and secure during transport. These tools can include backboards, restraint systems, and splints to immobilize certain limbs.

Ferno backboards are made of hardened, high-density, polyethylene plastic that is comfortable and sturdy with a high weight capacity. Patients in precarious situations or tight areas can best be transported with these, using a restraint system and handholds on the sides.

Splints are designed to immobilize a specific part of the body, typically the limbs. Ferno offers traditional splint kits, as well as traction splints and air splints. The air splints are especially useful, as they can be stored flat and inflated quickly for emergency use.

Portable Medical Bags

Like other mobile professions, an emergency responder needs a tool kit to carry essentials with them during a situation. Ferno carries a variety of medical kit bags and backpacks, each with unique compartments but all sharing the same durability and versatility.

The Ferno medical kit bags can serve different purposes, such as for intubation, trauma response, oxygen carry, or medication storage. The mini-kits are smaller bags that can be stored inside the larger medical kits (similar to packing cubes in luggage) making storage simple and identifiable. Oxygen carry kits can hold oxygen cylinders alongside oxygen delivery items. For outdoor or rugged rescue situations the Kigali and SAR Backpacks are weather-resistant packs with large compartments for treatment items and space for an oxygen cylinder.

Find EMS Discounts at MFI

If emergency equipment is what you seek, we invite you to explore our Specials page to see the latest deals and discounts on equipment. We work closely with brands you trust, like Ferno, to bring you the best prices and additional discounts. Be sure to check back periodically, as these deals change throughout the year.

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