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The Nicolet EDX EMG/NCS/EP/IOM System includes the EDX Base Unit, choice of amplifier, Dell E5540 laptop (Intel i5 processor, 500 GB Hard Drive, 8 GB RAM) loaded with Nicolet Viking and Teca Synergy Version 22 EMG software on a Windows 10 operating system, control panel, electrical stimulator probe, and interconnecting cables (please find variant-specific included accessories below in the Configurations section).

Warranty: 90 Days - Parts and Labor.

The EDX EMG/NCS/EP/IOM System is the industry-leading electrodiagnostic system used to measure nerve and muscle function and can also provide intraoperative monitoring for the operating room. The Nicolet EDX is powered by Viking or Synergy software with a variety of study/exam options providing fast and efficient workflow. This hardware/software platform combines a familiar clinical workflow and user interface to provide innovative features developed to reduce artifacts, reduce operator errors, and improve ease of use. Viking software not only provides exceptional quality electrodiagnostic studies for routine examinations, but also for challenging cases in difficult clinical environments, even including in the operating room for IOM studies.


Nicolet EDX EMG/NCS/EP/IOM System Features

  • EDX Base Unit:
    • Powerful Digital Signal Processor provides advanced signal processing functionality.
    • Connections for footswitch (single or triple), patient response unit, control panel, LED goggles, audio transducers, and reflex hammer.
    • Eight channel availability to external acquisition equipment for online analysis through the analog out connector.
  • Electrical Stimulator Probe:
    • Small, lightweight, and ergonomically designed for maximum comfort.
    • Coiled cable extends reach to the patient without touching the floor.
    • Five probe head options.
  • 2-Channel Amplifier (option):
    • Optimized for basic EMG/NCS/EP.
    • 2 non-switched amplifier channels.
    • Stimulus artifact suppression.
  • 2+6-Channel Amplifier (option):
    • Optimized for advanced EMG/NCS/EP testing.
    • 2 non-switched and 6 switched channels.
    • Configuration options include 3, 5, 7, or 8 simultaneously active channels.
    • Stimulus artifact suppression.
  • 16-Channel Clinical EP/IOM Amplifier (option):
    • Multiple data type acquisition including EMG, NCS, EP, and IOM.
    • Increased functionality with IOM capability.
    • 16 user selectable differential channels.
    • Multiple EP applications.
  • Viking or Synergy Software: Innovative features developed to reduce artifacts, minimize operator errors, and improve ease of use.
    • Efficient workflow from patient entry to report.
    • Automatic markers, measurement tables, and data storage.
    • Flexible data control with roll back, roll forward, averaging, auto store, and signal enhancer.
    • Automation of test procedures: short and long exercise tests.
    • Online reports for immediate access to all results.
    • Customizable reports.
  • Networking and IT Features:
    • Natus HL7 Solutions: Natus Neuro equipment has been successfully integrated into Epic, Meditech, Cerner, McKesson, and other Hospital Electronic Medical Records Systems.
    • Remote Access: Natus provides the most powerful infrastructure to facilitate collaboration with offsite colleagues through remote access and review.
    • HIPAA Compliance: Security can be integrated with Microsoft Active Directory as well as with Microsoft Bitlocker encryption.
    • Basic EMR Transfer: Simplify the process of transferring finalized PDF reports to your EMR with the Basic EMR Transfer feature.
  • Advanced technology amplifiers with high resolution signals.
  • Two amplifier options provide basic or advanced EMG/NCS/EP testing.
  • Comfortable, ergonomic electrical stimulator probes.
  • Two trustworthy user interfaces: Viking or Synergy.
  • Integrated SQL database with networked access and data review.
  • HL7 Gateway and advanced connectivity.
  • Citrix compatibility providing remote access from anywhere.


Nicolet EDX EMG/NCS/EP/IOM System Specifications

  • Dimensions (D x W x H):
    • Nicolet EDX Base Unit: 3.4" x 13.5" x 14" (8.6 cm x 34.3 cm x 35.6 cm).
    • AT2 2-Channel Amplifier: 1" x 6" x 6.5" (2.5 cm x 15.2 cm x 16.5 cm).
    • AT2+6 8-Channel Amplifier: 1.5" x 8" x 10.3" (4 cm x 20.3 cm x 26 cm).
    • ECR16 16-Channel Amplifier: 1.6" x 8.25" x 12.5" (4 cm x 20.9 cm x 31.7 cm).
    • Viking / Synergy Control Panel: 2" x 5" x 8" (5 cm x 13 cm x 20 cm).
    • USB Control Panel: 1.75" x 5" x 6.75" (4.4 cm x 12.7 cm x 17.1 cm).
    • Clinical Head Box (HB-6) or OR Head Box (HB-7): 0.9" x 4.25" x 6" (2.3 cm x 11 cm x 15 cm).
    • Comfort Probe RS10: 1.25" x 1.5" x 7" (3.2 cm x 4 cm x 18 cm).
  • Weight:
    • Nicolet EDX Base Unit: 8 lb (3.5 kg).
    • AT2 2-Channel Amplifier: 1 lb (0.5 kg).
    • AT2+6 8-Channel Amplifier: 1.6 lb (0.7 kg).
    • ECR16 16-Channel Amplifier: 2.6 lb (1.18 kg).
    • Viking / Synergy Control Panel: 1.25 lb (0.6 kg).
    • USB Control Panel: 0.8 lb (0.36 kg).
    • Clinical Head Box (HB-6) or OR Head Box (HB-7): 0.6 lb (0.3 kg).
    • Comfort Probe RS10: 0.25 lb (0.11 kg).


Nicolet EDX EMG/NCS/EP/IOM System Configurations

SKU Configuration Unique Hardware Included
#MFI-NTS-SYNERGY-EDX-2CH-EMG Synergy 2 Channel 2-Channel Amplifier, Synergy Version 22 EMG software, and Synergy control panel
#MFI-NTS-SYNERGY-EDX-8CH-EMG Synergy 8 Channel 2+6-Channel Amplifier, Synergy Version 22 EMG software, and Synergy control panel
#MFI-NTS-NICOLET-EDX-2CH-EMG Nicolet 2 Channel 2-Channel Amplifier, Viking Version 22 EMG software, and Nicolet Viking control panel
#MFI-NTS-NICOLET-EDX-8CH-EMG Nicolet 8 Channel 2+6-Channel Amplifier, Viking Version 22 EMG software, Nicolet Viking control panel, and EP (Electrophysiology) testing
#MFI-NTS-NICOLET-EDX-16CH-IOM Nicolet 16 Channel EP/IOM 16-Channel Clinical EP/IOM Amplifier, HB-1 (headbox 1), HB-2 (headbox 2), MC-4 mini controller, SP-1 (simulation pod 1), and SP-2 (simulation pod 2)


Nicolet EDX EMG/NCS/EP/IOM System Accessories

The following accessories are compatible and commonly purchased with the Nicolet EDX EMG/NCS/EP/IOM System:

  • Equipment:
    • #MFI-NCL-CART-WHT: Natus Nicolet Viasys EMG/EEG/IOM Cart.
    • Natus Viking Synergy EMG Computer:
      • #MFI-NTS-EMG-LPT: Laptop.
      • #MFI-NTS-EMG-DESK: Desktop.
    • Nicolet Amplifier Arm.
    • Nicolet Foot Switch.
    • Nicolet Travel Case.
    • Isolation Transformer.
  • Supplies (additional brands and options available):
    • 3M Transpore Surgical Tape.
    • #MFI-GROUND-ELECTRODE: MFI Medical Reusable EMG Ground Electrode.
    • #MFI-BAR-ELECTRODE: MFI Medical Bar EMG Electrode.
    • #MFI-RING-ELECTRODES: MFI Medical Ring EMG Electrodes.
    • #MFI-CDW-DISC-ELECTRODES: MFI Medical Paired EMG Disc Electrodes.
    • Parker Spectra 360 Electrode Gel.
    • Technomed Disposable Adhesive EMG 4-Disk Surface Electrodes.
    • Technomed Disposable Monopolar EMG Needle Electrode.
  • Evoked Potentials Accessories (only compatible with the 8 Channel and 16 Channel configurations):
    • #AMHS-1: Ambco Audiometric Headset.
    • #MFI-VEP-LED-M: VEP LED Monitor.
    • #MFI-NCL-2015-Visual-Stim: Nicolet 2015 Visual Stimulator.
    • Shielded Headphones.
    • LED Goggles.

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Siamak A. (California, United States)

It is best product. Customer service is great. Happy to get it from MFI.

Thank you for your review! We're happy to hear that you're happy with the product and the customer service.

Jesus L. (Baja California, Mexico)

Works fine

Thank you for your review. We're glad to hear that the Nicolet EDX EMG/NCS/EP/IOM System - Certified Refurbished is working well for you.