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Weaver Ten20 Conductive Paste contains the right balance of adhesiveness and conductivity, enabling the electrodes to remain in place while allowing the transmittance of electrical signals.

Warranty: Until Use or Expiration (3 Year Shelf Life).

Electrodes Stay in Place: Weaver Ten20 Conductive Paste will hold the electrodes in place so there is no need to disrupt a test to reattach the electrodes. This reliable paste will conduct the signal that the technologist/technician is relying on for clear results.

Expert technologists and technicians throughout the world rely on the optimal balance of adhesiveness and conductivity of Ten20 Paste. Apply the electrode using Ten20 Paste, and it will remain in place until it is removed.

Weaver Ten20 Conductive Paste Features

  • Fast Clean Up: The Ten20's washable, non-drying formula makes it very easy to clean up. Simply wash with warm water to remove; no harsh chemicals are required.
  • Simple to Use: Ten20 Conductive Paste is supplied in a 3-pack of convenient jars or tubes for every need. All products contain an expiration date and a complete list of ingredients to promote patient safety.
  • Easy to Store: All products are packaged in easy to store boxes that should be stored at room temperature. Every product has a 3-year shelf-life marked on the box and the individual containers.

Weaver Ten20 Conductive Paste Configurations

  • #10-20-4: 4 oz Jars (1 Package - 3 Jars).
  • #10-20-4-CS: 4 oz Jars - Case (50 Packages - 150 Jars).
  • #10-20-4T: 4 oz Tubes (1 Package - 3 Tubes).
  • #10-20-4T-CS: 4 oz Tubes - Case (50 Packages - 150 Tubes).
  • #10-20-8: 8 oz Jars (1 Package - 3 Jars).
  • #10-20-8-CS: 8 oz Jars - Case (25 Packages - 75 Jars).
  • #10-20-1: 15 g Single-Use Cups (Pack of 24).
  • #10-20-1-CS: 15 g Single-Use Cups - Case (24 Packs - 576 Cups).

Customer Reviews

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Good poduct

Consistently good conductivity with this product.


Fast, easy, and exactly what I expected. Great Service!

Ten20 Purchase

Reliable and very prompt service. Easy transaction and will always come back you to buy from you

My conductive paste:

I have tested it and I must say it is good. And I thank you in assisting me in finding what I need for better conductivity in tens machine. Your the best!!! Truly, a valued customer.


It was very easy to make a purchase via your web site. Very reliable service. Thankyou.

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