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Dynatronics offers a wide range of therapeutic muscle stimulator products including highly advanced portable electrotherapy, ultrasound, and combination therapy devices, an iontophoresis device, and electrodes that vary in size and material.

They also offer medical furniture and equipment commonly used in chiropractic and physical therapy offices including treatment tables, traction systems, parallel bars, training stairs, and stools.

Rehabilitation equipment is also available including resistive bands, cuff weights, hot and cold packs, exercise balls, and patient positioning equipment including bolsters and wedges.

Electrotherapy and Ultrasound Units

The Dynatronics Dynatron 25 Series offers both 3 and 5 channel devices. In addition, the 925 and 825 includes the Dynatronics' Ultrasound Comboplus feature that allows the power to deliver up to 5 channels of stim and Ultrasound all at the same time. The stim units allow users to focus treatment where it's needed by simply gliding their finger across the TARGET touchpad to move the center of interference to the site of their patient's pain and is available on all 25 Series electrotherapy devices.

The Dynatron iBox 2 Iontophoresis Device is the only Iontophoresis device on the market able to deliver both single and dual phase (polarity) treatments.

Physical Therapy Furniture

Dynatronics also features a wide range of treatment tables. They offer electric 3 and 4 Section Hi-Lo Treatment Tables, and they also offer traction tables that are perfect for traction treatments that help relieve pressure on the spine.

Premium Oak Treatment Tables and Economy Treatment Tables are also available in four different tabletop sizes, and can be ordered in any of the following configurations:

  • Treatment Table.
  • Treatment Table with Drawer.
  • Treatment Table with Nosehole.
  • Treatment Table with Nosehole and Drawer.
  • Treatment Table with Liftback.
  • Treatment Table with Liftback and Nosehole on Foot Section (Stationary Section).
  • Treatment Table with Liftback and Nosehole on Head Section (Liftback Section).

Mat Tables are also available; they feature a higher weight capacity and are built with a lower table height that's ideal for patients that may have a more challenging time using the higher treatment tables. Pneumatic and Spin Up Stools are also available.

Parallel Bars and Training Stairs

Dynatronics also offers both Platform Mounted Parallel Bars and Folding Parallel Bars. Convertible and Closed-End Training Stairs are also available and feature anti-slip tread material on each step.

Rehabilitation and Home Care Products

Various other Dynatronics products are available that are ideal for physical therapy offices and home use including the Dynatronics Burst Resistant Exercise Balls, Dynatronics Cuff Weights, and the Dynatronics Sanctband Resistive Exercise Bands. Patient positioning products are also available including Naugahyde Wedges and Bolsters. The Dynatronics Reusable BodyIce Cold Packs and Dynaheat Moist Hot Packs are also high quality therapeutic products and come with a one year warranty.

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