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Dymedix is a global sleep sensor technology company that was founded in 1998. The company endeavored to develop superior sleep sensors by utilizing the sensitive polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) film technology.

PVDF is a specially treated plastic film with a permanent electrical charge that instantaneously generates a voltage when exposed to changes in temperature, force, pressure, vibrations, and sound. PVDF is far more flexible than conventional Piezo material, and also reacts to both temperature and pressure, thus making PVDF far more responsive to sleep-related physiological events than other sensing products. Additionally, PVDF film is the fastest signal transmitter in the sleep sensor industry (1,000 times faster than a traditional thermistor).

Dymedix offers a variety of PVDF-based reusable and disposable sleep sensors that detect airflow, snoring, and respiratory effort in adult and pediatric versions. Additionally, Dymedix offers self-adhesive disposable surface electrode for monitoring chin EMG and leg movements.

MFI Medical carries a wide range of Dymedix products, including airflow sensors, airflow filtration modules, snore sensors, effort belts, effort belt sensors, and much more. Product highlights include the Dymedix Airflow Sensor (Disposable, Medium); the Dymedix TriplePlay FM1, FM3, and FM5 Airflow Filtration Modules; Dymedix PerfectFit 2 Reusable and R/S Reusable product lines; and Dymedix PerfectFit Disposable, 3D Disposable, and 3D R/S Disposable product lines.

The Dymedix company focuses on reliability, competitive pricing, increased patient comfort, and products that produce clean, dynamic, and stable waveforms. All Dymedix products are manufactured in the U.S. and are compliant with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM).

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