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The LifeSign Status iFOBT Cassette and Tube (#38050-DT / 50 each per box) includes 50 cassettes and 50 tubes providing everything necessary for the qualitative detection of immunochemical fecal occult blood in human fecal specimens.

LifeSign Status iFOBT Cassette and Tube Features

  • CLIA waived.
  • Superior sensitivity and specificity.
  • Human hemoglobin specific to reduce false positives.
  • No dietary or drug restrictions for iFOBT.
  • Simple and easy one-step test procedure.
  • Specimen can be collected in the office or at home.
  • Collection method is non-invasive.
  • Patient friendly with easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Only one test device is needed.

LifeSign Status iFOBT Cassette and Tube Specifications

  • # of Tests: 50.

LifeSign Status iFOBT Cassette and Tube Accessories

  • LifeSign Status H. Pylori (#37030).
  • LifeSign Status H. Pylori Control (#200013).
  • LifeSign Status iFOBT (#38030-DTM).
  • LifeSign Status iFOBT Sample Collection Tube Refill (#38050-T).
  • LifeSign Status iFOBT Mailing Envelopes Refill (#38050-M).
  • LifeSign Status iFOBT Control Set - POS & NEG (#200020).

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